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There is always a second chance. Life always offers a second chance and it is called tomorrow. We are able to correct our mistakes, straighten our misdeeds and further enhance our life with tomorrow. More so, we are able to let go of the past and live the present with ease.

Although life is not a paved road to the core, still, the very fact that it is not makes life all worth the pain, failure and defeat we encounter. With the many encumbrances and circumstances that we have to deal with permits the self to grow individually and socially. To say individually means a developed and nourished innate self that can withstand external forces while the latter highlights the establishment of rapport and bond with others.

The way to a life that we have always wanted is dependent upon our ability to let go of the past and ponder on the experiences like lessons from school. Indeed, the past, though finished and done, could still be contributive to the present and more so to the future. Age-old beliefs, preconceived notions from the past and that of individuals that once made an impact in your life could still be pondered upon, realized and acknowledged in lieu of how you want your life to be.

The aim of Neuro Linguistic Programming or NLP for brevity is that of the same intensity. To wit, NLP enables the realization of the self through tomorrow. Intrigued? Well, the concept of NLP is simple. It lets the self to be neurologically enhanced, linguistically adept and innately programmed to enable the growth and development it seeks for. To be such allows the self to be readily open for the invasion of others and of the world. To say invasion warrants the impression of sharing and imparting part of the self to and with others. Although a bit of a word play, NLP is but one method of self-improvement that aims for a life that one has always envisioned for – one that is better, fuller and richer than before.

To warrant a life like the rest is also possible but what good is a copied life when you can have your own happy ever after? In short, although imitation posts as the best form of flattery, be your own individual and make use of your tomorrow. Create your own picturesque world and try to avoid the pitfalls of yesterday with every tomorrow you create. Life, with its never ending tomorrow, encapsulates the very essence of having a second chance.

Be not afraid to commit mistakes and be hurt and feel pained once in a while. Besides, it’s all part of life. Instead, try to put everything in their right perspective for as long as you are able to feel your heartbeat and breathe the thin air that surrounds us.

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