In the business realm, a company is mandated by law to establish its company mission and vision statements, which serve as the company’s timeline, before everything else. As per directive, a company shall be equipped with its corresponding goals and objectives that would serve as their prime consumer and company motivator to aid them towards success. In other words, both the vision and mission statements pave the way for a company to sustain a competitive advantage over others.

A vision statement answers the question, “Where do we want to be?” On the other hand, a mission statement answers, “What is the purpose of the company?” It could purposely be inferred that both statements are considered inevitable and significant in allowing growth and development in the personal and professional level of the company.

A company could not function without a vision statement as it acts as the main framework of the path that the company wants to traverse. Rationally speaking, a vision statement outlines what the company wants to achieve or how it intends to achieve its goals and objectives in the future. In other words, the vision statement foresees where the company would be in the coming years.

On the other hand, a mission statement classifies the basic purpose of an organization or a company, pithily describing the raison d'être of its existence and the means in accordance to achieving its end. It defines the reason of the company and expounds on the purpose behind its creation.

A company on the rise is like an individual trying to find himself. He seeks for his purpose and is out to define his existence. In short, Neuro Linguistic Programming goes beyond the usual and focuses on the likeness of a being in coordination with personal growth and development.

In the aforementioned, a company on the rise could be understood and thought of as an individual seeking meaning in life. Though individualistic in approach, Neuro Linguistic Programming could be utilized in aid of the company as a whole. The company could be seen and appreciated as an individual entity seeking for growth amidst the competition around it. More so, it aims to bring forth acceptance, awareness, and realization in the company in its efforts of achieving its goals and objectives.

With the presence of Neuro Linguistic Programming, the company and its workforce begin to understand the need to be in sync with each other as a form of oneness or belongingness. It further measures underlying strength among company members. More so, with NLP, the company and its workforce begin to understand its own needs, wants, and desires, thus warranting a unified movement towards success.

Therefore, Neuro Linguistic Programming, as a powerful method of intervention, could be used to aid a new or struggling company towards meeting their targets and objectives. Furthermore, it serves as a tool in helping both the company and the workforce achieve growth and development both internally and externally.  

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