Who am I? Am I who I think I am or who others describe me to be? 

Questions, one after another, keep haunting me as I age and mature; I have been keen on answering them one by one, but to no avail. I always end up with another question that seems to be more in-depth than the previous. I say to myself to have the patience and the perseverance to overcome such confusion, but more often than not, I end up frustrated, as I cannot take the propensity of life and its many surprises.

To give up would be much easier than to hold on, but that would make me throw my life out the window without a fight. Do not judge me. I know I have my own timeline and clock to mind, but with all the predisposed notions of the world, I tend to lose hope and end up bothered all the more.  

I am me. This is me; and when I say this is me, it implies an understanding that invokes the connotation of an individual that is capable of intellectual and emotional understanding of the self, the world, and of others. In other words, I have the ability to comprehend all that is around me.

To be judged implies both an assumption and a presumption. It concludes on premises that are incomplete and incoherent. More so, it is much like basing all hypotheses on the façade alone, without having dissected the structure itself.

People from all walks of life are prone to judging others. They base their arguments on what they primarily sense and not of the wholeness of the picture. In other words, it is primarily based on the details that could either be true or false. Whatever it may be, it is still not enough because You do not know the truth.

The truth lies within. It does not exude or flaunt itself in public. What it does is it urges the psyche and the self to be in tune with each other in relation to its quest for a better life. No matter how hard it is to be “you” or to be an individual, it is but right and proper to do so than be trapped in your own cage for the rest of your life.

Though it’s hard to go against societal dictates, be carefree enough to be “you” and express yourself without hesitation. Let go of perceptions and notions of others; believe in your own capacity; and have the life you have always wanted. Like Neuro Linguistic Programming, it aims to help one comprehend the intensity of the world without having to disrupt the way life is. In other words, it aids one in the quest for a better life, one that is free from negativity. More so, Neuro Linguistic Programming seeks to empower an individual to develop and transform into the person he has always wanted to be through internal and external interpretation of the world.

Admit it; negative comments affect your life in general. You get irked by notions from others because you want them to know that what they think and know of is not the truth. However, is it necessary to explain yourself? Do you owe anybody an explanation regarding who you really are? Think about it.

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