Are you one to keep a bucket list? For one, I am fond of keeping a list of the things I would like to do before my time is up but I am not one to stick to it for a long time. I mean, like everybody else, I have my new year’s resolution but as far as it goes and by the time it hits quarter of the year, I am lost with my list—things remain undone; the opposite of how I intended them to be.

I have attempted to keep abreast with my list but for as long as I know it exists, the more I depend on it. Depend here connotes an act of stagnating on one end and deliberately thinking that things would fall into place because of the list. In short, it speaks of my laziness coupled with dependency that, even without lifting a finger, I would be able to fulfill my list. Well, in my dreams maybe but in real life, it does not work that way.

Neuro Linguistic Programming or NLP helps in the achievement of the proper movement needed by the self in its aim to develop to its fullest potential. NLP allows the transition of negativity to positivity in enabling the achievement of his goals and objectives in life.

Although NLP does not guarantee a life of pure bliss, NLP in return, enables the self to stand on its own and accept the presence of change in his life. The adaptation of change permits the self to be available to the many encumbrances and circumstances it might encounter. Thus, NLP readies the self of the impending distraction or destruction it might cause to himself.

To begin with, life is about working hard towards your goal. It speaks of your attempt to try to make use of your abilities to come up with ways to fulfill your goals and objectives in life. More so, life connotes movement; transition even in allowing the self to move forward and be not stuck in the past.

 To say movement implies a motion in your timeline – from the past to the present and eventually to the future. Bear in mind of the need to make the most out of our time – as regret has never been a welcomed guest in our empire.

To have a bucket list or a list of things that you wish to accomplish signifies your acceptance of the presence of change. It is like challenging change. However, to accept of its presence is entirely different from that of facing change and allowing it to make a difference in yourself – and that is where NLP comes in.

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