Mistakes play an integral part in the development of the self. It speaks of the ability of the individual to admit to his own flaws, in the process, confront that which makes him brittle, and recognize his own weaknesses to be able to transform them into his strengths. Yes, life is a vicious cycle of transformation that without the presence of mistakes would render it moot and academic.

With an NLP empowered self, life becomes that which we have always wanted it to be. To say such implies that we are able to be who we are and at the same time, live the life that we have always wanted. In other words, we become engrossed with the fact of life that we end up beautifying it instead
of letting our mistakes get its toll on us.

Basically, we are individuals capable of committing mistakes and at the same time, overcoming them. Be it because of our intelligence or emotions, we are able to surpass the unbecoming of the self by allowing it to grow with the presence of mistakes. Negatively perceived and understood, mistakes are not all that we know of.

Admittedly, there is that certain goodness in mistakes that enables the self to develop and grow at the same time. Intrigued? Well, basically, the presence of mistakes in the self permits the self to realize and recognize on the reality of the reality itself. It speaks of the ability of the self to admit to his weaknesses and convert them into his strengths. Not to imply the need to forego of the negativity but , as much as possible, the self needs to release such to be able to live harmoniously and accordingly.

The transformation is one of the most difficult tasks one shall overcome. The moment there is admittance, the self allows for change to seep in and basically, take control over his life. The exemplary ability of the self to realize his mistakes implies that he is ready for change and all the possible consequences that come with it. Yes, there is that underlying fear of the unknown thus; there is also that fear of change. Nonetheless, it is not of change that we are afraid of but instead of the disruption in our lives that might take place. In other words, there is already that preconceived notion that surrounds both our conscious and unconscious minds that blocks off the possibility of change to contribute to our welfare.

The way NLP helps the self exemplifies the idea of having a life that is with fear but is ready to let change make its presence felt. In short, NLP allows growth and development in the holistic self thus it is able to withstand any possible changes to occur.

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