I use to doubt everything around me. Even doubt my existence. I used to think that I am just an illusion of a somebody and that I am not real. I even kid around my friends and tell them that 8 out of 10 individuals we encounter are not real. I do not know, I aim not to scare them but that is how they feel. They think I am scaring the wits out of them but, on the contrary, I am not.

I still do not know why I do what I do but time taught my friends that this is just how I am. They understand my wackiness and thus we are able to live in harmony. Most often than not, that is. I have had my fair share of arguments with them and with others as well. I have been in countless of debates and I admit, it has been because of how I process my data. It is not about the things I am passionate about nor is it about who I am with but how I am able to perceive the sensory data from my surroundings.

Sometimes I wonder why I do such a thing. Be in a middle of a simple and friendly discussion then end up in an argument or a debate even. Honestly speaking, I love it when the people I am having conversations with are able to keep up with my quirkiness. I mean, I am not one to brag of my intellect and knowledge for I believe it is never enough, but I like to be caught in a discussion with people who know what they want. In short, I seek for an intellectual discourse that’s why I always provoke the people that I am with into an argument.

I seek to invade my psyche and theirs, too. I provoke them to go beyond their superficiality and warrant that they listen to their innate self. Though superficiality and light conversations allows the inner self to be happy, it is also important to dwell on the maturity that is significantly needed by the inner self.

When I heard of NLP Hypnosis, hereinafter referred to as Hypnosis, I learned to value my ability to stir up a conversation even more. Do not get me wrong but Hypnosis allowed me to realize the intensity of my existence as far as my ability to comprehend is in question. Hypnosis helped me get to the core of my existence and be in touch with my subconscious mind. Aside from such, I am also appreciative of my ability to sift through negative emotions and feelings that hinder my growth. Indeed, to innately develop and grow is what we are all after. We seek to be one and with hypnosis it is possible.

Next time you are in a conversation with your friends, try disturbing their way of thinking and introduce the idea of hypnosis.

Being able to withstand the demands of the outside world exemplifies one’s confidence. To be confident enough to address the many impending trials and challenges imposed by the world allows the self to be strong. Strong here connotes the intensity of being able to surpass and overcome each ordeal, though maybe not with excellence, but with poise.

Stepping out of the box does not necessarily imply going beyond the borders. It merely states to allow the self to experience other than the usual. To say the least, it speaks of embracing the presence of change and making the most out of it.  

Human as we are, we are expected to play life by the neck. We have the audacity to make the journey and back with confidence. Though again, not one with flying colors, but to surpass the many circumstances that comes along the way. I, for one, am not shy to give my admittance to failure. For me, mistakes are but my lessons and successes are but my guidelines. Indeed, to be mistaken or encounter uneventful hardships is but inevitable, the question really is, can I surpass it? It is not the end all and be all that matters but our ability to conquer such ordeal; the steps undertaken to surpass such is what really matters.  

Getting yourself learned of a particular method of helping and alleviating the self from the pain brought about by mistakes has been one of our past times. To say the least, we divulge into the idea of being able to help the self be the self that we have always yearned for. We like to discover and re-discover our innate self thus allowing us to take life with sturdiness. Indeed, we clamor for anything that, we think, could help us be successful and be an individual all at once.

Neuro Linguistic Programming, hereinafter referred to as NLP, is one powerful method to adhere to. It seeks to help the self be innately empowered and more so keep abreast with the external world. More so, NLP deals with the development of both an individual’s intellectual and emotional ability to live the life that he has always wanted. In other words, NLP aims to help the individual build a self that could withstand the many demands of both his innate and external self.

To step outside the box is what NLP is all about. It teaches the self to let go and move beyond his comfort zone. Thus, do not be afraid to take a step further than your normal. Instead of fear, be excited to take a new ordeal.  


Why does it have to rain on those who less deserve it? At times, I do not see the rationale behind such occurrence. I know, life is definitely not all paved and polished, but I also am in a question frenzy as to how the bumps are placed and distributed all throughout the journey. Is it evenly done or randomly placed?

The uncertainty of life is at times associated with fate or destiny. The occurrence of events and happening of circumstances, as they say, is explained only by fate and never fathomable by the human brain. Even so, it is said that our neurological capacity to process sensory data from the outside world is limited thus disallowing us to thoroughly understand the rationale behind every occurrence.

Although we aim not to dissect every single one of them, humans as we are, we like to avail of the opportunity to comprehend the reason behind it. We like to ponder on thoughts and ideals. In addition, we like the idea of being able to answer question and predisposed notions from others rather than ourselves. In short, we like to keep abreast with the many demands imposed by the society as to our ability to surpass such an ordeal and come out victorious in the end.

I see it as a form of bragging. Do not get me wrong but being able to surpass every tribulation we encounter spells out achievement under our belt. We like to expose our lives so as to be the talk of the town. We deny the attention but deep down we like it. As they say, “Good or bad publicity is still publicity.”

Do not get me wrong, I know others would like to keep their businesses private as much as possible but there are those who crave for attention despite the circumstances they are experiencing. They use such to gain an edge over and above others and be popular.

Yes, we all want attention. We like to be in the center and experience prolonged spotlight attention. We yearn for recognition and acknowledgement – even if it means putting our lives on the line. However, life is too precious to be wasted. Though is it too precious to be kept hidden from the world. There should be balance. And Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP for brevity) is one way to have balance in life.

Like Time Line Therapy® (TLT) and NLP Hypnosis, NLP ensures that the innate self is duly empowered so as to be at par with his goals and objectives in life. Here, NLP allows the self to see beyond his horizon and eventually experience the beyond. In short, NLP supports internal growth and development without having to neglect external betterment. Indeed, NLP aims to help build a strong self – one that can withstand the rain, thunder and typhoon all together. Though it would take time and effort, with the help of NLP, one would be able to realize the importance of shielding the self from the prying eyes of the public and learning how to keep things privately. In short, it is like starting a new life with the help of NLP.

Making my way downtown is one of the many life codes that most of us resort into whenever we have something inside us. Whether it is a problem, a trial or a challenge, we like to keep abreast with the possibility of surpassing it in a fashionable manner thus allowing us to make our way downtown. To say the least, we like to make a grand exit and exude our greatness to the prying eyes of the public.

Yes, it is true that we want all the attention but only as when we are exiting the rough road. We keep mum about unfortunate things but boast about it at the end. We like to keep the pain within us and the victory shared. Though it is pitifully acceptable, still this should not be the case.

The best possible way to experience innate happiness in lieu of overcoming a particular ordeal in life is through sharing. Yes, life is about sharing but only to some extent. You are not expected to share pertinent information about you but you are expected to share some to others. As to the qualification of issues that could be shared, it depends on upon your discretion. Others share superficial ones while others open their whole life to the public. As to the gravity of effect, still it depends upon you. Most often than not, this depends on the intensity and kind of information shared. Simply put, putting yourself on the line depends upon your liking and nobody else’s.

To struggle in life is but inevitable. Nevertheless, it should not be hoarded and kept. To some degree, it must be shared to lessen the burden and at the same time grow with others. Indeed, growth is not only personal but also a social activity. To be able to connect and establish rapport with others enables the self (individual) to realize his capacity in lieu of his selfhood and his ability to be with others. In other words, he can develop himself both innately and externally without having to dissuade from his goals and objectives in life.

To have a well-balanced and developed self is what Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Time Line Therapy® (TLT) is all about. It seeks to impart the value of imbibing positivity in the self thus allowing it to be at par with his quest for a better and richer life ahead. In other words, the way such processes works enables the self to understand his entire being without having to depend on others. Simply put, he is able to satisfy his self holistically thus permitting him to be the very person he wishes to be.

Indeed, to be able to live the life we have always wanted has been the end all and be all of our lives. We want to attain such inspite of everything that life has to offer. More so, achieving such status allows the individual to be who he really wants to be. Thus, whatever life may give you, be thankful for you are able to partake in such a journey. For at the end of the day, what matters most is the ability to surpass it and learn from the experience.

Falling in love has been undeniably exciting for all of us. To deny of such state is like denying the self of the freedom that it so warrants. More so, to say one has never been in the love bandwagon is like detaching your entire self from the world and of others as well. Indeed, falling in love has been one life spice that invites growth and development to settle in with the self.

To find the one that perfectly fits the gap in your hands is but one tedious quest to undertake. Numerous trails must be surpassed and errors must be corrected along the way. Investment of time and effort might be resorted in but when you are able to experience, realize and feel love through rose colored glasses, then it certainly feels like a home run.

Being able to share part of your own self to another and being loved in return implies a perfectly complete self. Indeed, there is such a thing. In the first place, one is already perfectly complete. Coupled with experience and time, one becomes able to perform at his fullest potential thus enabling him to share part of himself to another. In the process, he becomes individually stable and could not be withered. In other words, because of his confidence in himself, he is able to bear certain uncertainties thus allowing him to grow despite all that love brings in his life.

Indeed, love is not all rainbows and balloons; it too has its fair share of pain and tears. It can really make or break an individual. Thus, one needs to be ready holistically to be able to withstand anything that might come his way.

The way love instills its presence in the self works like that of Neuro Linguistic Programming (hereinafter referred to as NLP). NLP, as a self-improvement tool, persuades the self to see beyond the normal and experience extravagance all at once. It speaks of allowing the self to be at par with what he has envisioned his self to be and at the same time live the life that he has always wanted. In other words, NLP helps the individual highlight his strengths and improve his weaknesses in lieu of the demands of life and love. To do such requires a self that is innately empowered and enriched.

To attain growth of the self takes more than will power and discipline. It seeks to underscore the presence of control thus enabling him to control his innermost self in relation to his external one. More so, NLP allows the self to be neurologically active and linguistically trained to favorably exhibit his true self amidst the many anybody in the world. To be a somebody allows him to come across his true find and be with his love forever. Yes, I am a hopeless romantic who believes in happy ever after and I also believe in the usefulness of NLP in the self.

Indeed, two heads are better than one. With innate greatness and NLP working together, one would surely be able to see beyond the usual and find the one that perfectly fits in his hand.

Learning to accept your self is but one important aspect of life. Attempts to explain it could be availed in different forms of media. However, if subjectively the self does not believe in its own capability then all other modes of explanation would be rendered moot and academic.

They say prescribed is an understatement. Indeed, it is. As much as we would like to keep abreast with the changing times, we are still, up to a certain extent, adamant as to the acceptance of change in our lives. To say the least, we do feel a little bit jealous of others and how they are able to live their lives yet still we sulk and let the seconds pass by without doing anything. To let time take its toll in you simply connotes an understanding that the self is not ready to recognize the value of change altogether.

Those who rely on jealousy to motivate them could despair from the dismay that jealousy brings forth in his life but to let jealousy take control of your life is a different thing. Although it could not be stopped nor could it be completely eradicated, change is one quintessential factor that needs to be tamed down. To underlie the notion of taming down exhibits the need to understand and comprehend the self in its entirety. Indeed, a holistic approach to a much growing self is what we need to be able to perform beyond what is expected of us.  

The reality behind Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP for brevity) lies unto the idea that the world is more than what one could ever expect of. Life itself is beyond the façade; it is more than what one could ever comprehend regarding the basics of life per se.  To deny the self of a holistic understanding simply denotes one’s cognitive ability to a pea. More like non-existent.

NLP invades the self. Indeed, it does. It seeks to empower the self from within thus enabling the growth and nourishment it fully deserves. To acknowledge NLP in the self means you are not afraid to partake in a journey beyond the usual. You gamely allow yourself to openly recognize and accept whatever life may bring forth. Though you are also in the midst of a confusion as to how life really works, still you can verily acknowledge the beauty of life per se. Simply put, NLP helps man prepare himself to one magical journey. As Buzz Lightyear of the famous Toy Story animated movie would gamely quip, “To Infinity and Beyond”.

NLP, as a self-improvement tool, wants to aid the individual realize his greatness. Although deemed a process and composed of methods, it certainly helps maintain the sanity and balance in the self. To say sanity appertains to the ability of one to think logically, reasonably and coherently.

   Thus, the magic of NLP goes beyond the horizon of jealousy and delves in the empowerment of the innate self.  

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In a world full of distractions, conquering one’s fear of time is but one tough act to overcome. It takes more than will power and a bottle of energy drink before the light at the end of the tunnel could be seen. In other words, time could never be tamed nor could it ever be fathomed.

The intensity of the presence of time is inevitable. Indeed, time, like air, is a constant factor in life and limited as we are, we are only able to grasp its meaning in parts – never in full. We crave for a thorough understanding of how time works and what it really is. We yearn for its definition in order to tame it but since time immemorial, no particular and concise definition has been given.

The moment we become aware of time and its importance exemplifies the fact that time is but a quintessential requirement in our lives. To warrant the exactness of its meaning, although possible, is but a futile attempt to understand how it truly works. In other words, time, like life per se, could only be seen and felt but could never be understood.

As aforementioned, time operates like life per se wherein the nest and only way to understand it is through the experiences we stumble upon. Time could either encourage or discourage us from further aiming to live the life that we have always wanted. In other words, time is but an important factor in achieving our goals and objectives and further in satisfying our innate self.

With the help of Neuro Linguistic Programming (hereinafter referred to as NLP), it permits the limited human mind to grasp a portion of what time is without having to divulge too much effort into it. To say the least, NLP helps the individual condition his neurological and linguistic abilities in order to pave the way for a much acceptable way of communicating his thoughts and ideas to others. In other words, NLP seeks to ensure that every nanosecond of an individual’s life is worthy of cognition and worthy of remembering. The way NLP works ensures that the individual is duly empowered from within thus allowing him to see beyond time and learn to work with it.  In other words, NLP teaches one to control his urges to go against time and converts such into positive vibes that would help him live his life accordingly.

                                Time, though never on our side, could still be used to our advantage. How?
                                                  With Neuro Linguistic Programming, it is possible.

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Highly acclaimed singer Mariah Carey once sang about being a hero. As per subjective understanding, I understood the necessity to believe in yourself thus becoming your own hero. Indeed, you are your own hero. Above all, you are capable of listening, comprehending and acting on all that puts a frown on your face. You may not be aware of it but you, and no one else, could help you alleviate yourself from the pain and suffering.

Thunder only happens when it’s raining; there is no smoke when there is no fire. Simply put, in every action there is indeed an equal or opposite reaction. Thus, the moment we let ourselves carelessly fly with the wind is congruent with our ability to think of ways to glide with ease thus lessening the turbulence that comes with it. Now, you might ask what is the relation to being your own hero? Well, to begin with, there is thunder because you caused the rain. More so, you have ignited the fire thus there is smoke. Simply put, you are your own worst animator, creator, contractor or whatever label you might want to add. You are the cause of everything.

To seek refuge in another is how we normally do things. However, that should not always be the case. Look no further, the search is over before it even began. The answer to our many impending questions lies on our own self. Yes, we are our own hero; our own answer to the problem. Though not fashionably graspable, we are our own hero. We hold the key to our happiness and not just any kind of happiness but genuine happiness.

With such, it is easy to rely entirely on the self alone and let go of anything external. Temporary happiness or bliss could be eliminated thus focusing on the ability to be truly happy. A happy ever after indeed.

Like Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP for brevity), it seeks to empower the self innately thus eradicating anything less than what the self deserves. Simply put, it nourishes the self accordingly thus permitting the life that one has always craved for. Yes, we are always on a constant craving; a life that is perfect, one like theirs. With NLP, although shaping the life in accordance to how successful people live theirs is possible and feasible at the same time, it enriches the individual to be his own entity. Aside from him being his own hero, he would be taught to accept his flaws and make better of what he has. In short, to develop the self entirely implies that he exhaust his entire self to his maximum potential. To be able to do such allows the self to see through the obvious and learn to expect the unexpected.

        Putting aside jealousy and embarking on a life long journey to greatness spells nothing but perfection to him.
                              Grope if you must, stand up and have a life according to your preference.

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There is always a second chance. Life always offers a second chance and it is called tomorrow. We are able to correct our mistakes, straighten our misdeeds and further enhance our life with tomorrow. More so, we are able to let go of the past and live the present with ease.

Although life is not a paved road to the core, still, the very fact that it is not makes life all worth the pain, failure and defeat we encounter. With the many encumbrances and circumstances that we have to deal with permits the self to grow individually and socially. To say individually means a developed and nourished innate self that can withstand external forces while the latter highlights the establishment of rapport and bond with others.

The way to a life that we have always wanted is dependent upon our ability to let go of the past and ponder on the experiences like lessons from school. Indeed, the past, though finished and done, could still be contributive to the present and more so to the future. Age-old beliefs, preconceived notions from the past and that of individuals that once made an impact in your life could still be pondered upon, realized and acknowledged in lieu of how you want your life to be.

The aim of Neuro Linguistic Programming or NLP for brevity is that of the same intensity. To wit, NLP enables the realization of the self through tomorrow. Intrigued? Well, the concept of NLP is simple. It lets the self to be neurologically enhanced, linguistically adept and innately programmed to enable the growth and development it seeks for. To be such allows the self to be readily open for the invasion of others and of the world. To say invasion warrants the impression of sharing and imparting part of the self to and with others. Although a bit of a word play, NLP is but one method of self-improvement that aims for a life that one has always envisioned for – one that is better, fuller and richer than before.

To warrant a life like the rest is also possible but what good is a copied life when you can have your own happy ever after? In short, although imitation posts as the best form of flattery, be your own individual and make use of your tomorrow. Create your own picturesque world and try to avoid the pitfalls of yesterday with every tomorrow you create. Life, with its never ending tomorrow, encapsulates the very essence of having a second chance.

Be not afraid to commit mistakes and be hurt and feel pained once in a while. Besides, it’s all part of life. Instead, try to put everything in their right perspective for as long as you are able to feel your heartbeat and breathe the thin air that surrounds us.

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They say fall twice and get up thrice. Stop sulking and move on. To say such involves more than will power as it invokes the ability to control the self innately. Indeed, to be empowered from within enables the self to be at tune with the world and everything in it.

Life is in itself a roller coaster; one big looped roller coaster ride. The involvement of emotions and interplay of intellect with external factors enables the self to experience a different sense of ecstasy. To say the least, the self becomes reactive and responsive because of the power of the ride.

It is but human to experience highs and lows in life however it is also expected of us to get up and face the music. Letting go may be one tough task to accomplish but it is warranted of us to resort to such before it is too late. That whenever we fall down, we must get up and live. Indeed, we have to live, fight and act according to our life and how we want it to turn out. Besides, we possess the only power to steer the wheel in the right direction – no one else can.

With the help of Neuro Linguistic Programming or NLP for brevity, one becomes ready for every turn, swerve and loop the roller coaster has to offer. One becomes accustomed but not immune to the various emotional disturbances thus allowing him to go have a steady ride. I would not dare say easy for life, like roller coasters, are not easy to handle rides.

The way NLP works cores upon the holistic set-up of the self. In other words, it seeks to empower the self in a manner that would allow it to deal with both the internal and external world. To say innate deals primarily with the self per se while the latter emphasizes on the outside world and dealings with others. NLP helps one be at par with how he wants his life to be and how he would like to deal with others meddling in his life. Indeed, life is all about taking and making chances with the circumstances that he or she is faced with – and this further includes dealings with others.

The way I see it, one’s ability to meddle in with the affairs of others enables him to experience pain and frustration at the same time. To say pain exemplifies the idea of falling down and learning how to get up. As aforementioned, instead of keeping in a fallen state, learn to get up –fight if you must.

Do not let negativity over power you, let positivity be your triton and light the path towards your goals and objectives. In that way, you are able to enjoy every turn, swerve and loop the roller coaster has to offer.