Making your way to the top involves a task so great; the mere thought of it could make you dizzy. It could cloud your cognitive reasoning, as you foresee yourself already at the top. Although it is good to be future-oriented, it is still scary, as it makes you forget about the details and focus solely on the result.

Though the aforementioned warrants an argument, when given adequate consideration, you will realize that it is true. It speaks of how we always like to count the chicks even before the eggs hatch. In other words, we like to feel triumphant even before taking the first step.

Subjectively speaking, I see nothing wrong with expecting; however, from experience, it is best to expect the unexpected in so far as feelings and rationality are concerned. Since life is as unpredictable as the weather, it is only proper to annihilate the thought of carrying your own dais and hailing yourself before you even consider being on your way to the top. 

Indeed, the first step is always the hardest; however, once you take the plunge and feel the temperature of the water, it could and would just be an easy climb. In other words, be not afraid to pay attention to details in relation to your quest. Accept the fact that before everything becomes certain, you still have to experience the uncertainty of the certainty.

Life is a matter of choice. It is full of winding paths, numerous options, and other unnerving ways that create chaos in the self. To doubt is but an imperative factor of life, and as such, it is unavoidable. However, that could be countered and defeated. Indeed, with the help of Time Line Therapy®, avoiding the pitfalls of life could be accomplished—though not entirely, it is possible. And that is what makes Time Line Therapy® unique from the rest. It provokes one to make a choice, live it, and eventually forget it.

I am my own choice. My choices define my personality, thus exemplify my being. Whatever path, choice, or option I take is of my own doing. It is a cumulative effort coupled with intuition of the innate self that make my choices a definition of my being. Thus, whatever I end up with is my own and nobody else’s.  I must own it and face the music without doubt. Because the moment I do, I not only doubt my choices, but my very being as well.

With the aid of Time Line Therapy®, I am now able to realize my self-worth, which will result in me living the life I have always wanted. Therefore, I can say that I own my life.

Getting along with others is but one inevitable mountain to climb. Tough as cement, it could either be drilled through or not. Like it is in the real world, we have our moments of seeking for holes where we could fit in and blend. We aim to belong and feel belongingness, as we want to build and establish a certain degree of rapport with others in order to better our lives.

Being in a crowd exudes a certain degree of longing to participate in the conversation or be in tune with the flow of things. In other words, the longing goes beyond being “in the scene”, but more so being able to connect with the rest.

Take the instance of an office scenario – working eight (8) hours a day, trying to get all tasks done and at the same time, building rapport with your co-workers. More so, having to deal with uncooperative schedules and disruptions that throw you off-track.

For most people, Monday is not always a good day. Not to imply negativity in Monday, but more often than not, Monday brings forth stress and chaos upon the self. While others may argue the opposite, most people would agree on the intense strain Monday puts on their lives. The impact is unbearably difficult to hold by the neck.

Good news, bad news, who knows!

There is uncertainty even in the certainty of life. Indeed, change is afflictive up to the slightest detail that we have. We depend on the roll of the dice and take off without having to ponder on the intensity of our actions and would-be actions. In other words, we are not concerned with the consequences, and we tend to focus only on the end result.

However, because of uncertainty, we have an unpredictable outlook in life – and this should be the case. We should be open and ready to accept all that life has to offer. Do not let one Monday ruin your entire week and affect your weekend; instead, take it in a constructive manner and motivate your self to turn your life around. Thus, do not dwell on the negativity of Monday; instead, find ways to make it positive.

Live, love and let loose on a Monday!

Most of us hate Monday. We see it as a distraction to our weekend and a disturbance to both our emotional and physical state. In other words, we already have a preconceived notion of Monday without having tried to live it accordingly. Simply put, we let Monday rule over us – and this should not be the case.

Live accordingly and love what life offers without hesitation. Do not let Monday dictate your life; instead, take control of Monday and let it be your motivation. Develop your life one step at a time – or one day at a time and be happy. Remember, Mondays pass, but your life keeps on moving forward.


Life is full of expectations. It is neither determined nor certain; it is full of surprises that enable life to be more exciting than yesterday. Let life be your motivation. Let it be your guiding principle, and do not let Monday ruin your life for you. It is just a day – any usual day that is like any other. May it bring a positive result or not, that is what life is all about.


Time Line Therapy®

One of the best ways to let go and gain emotional control over your life is through the techniques of Time Line Therapy®. It aims to help an individual be who he wants to be by having a life that is balanced and relevant to his life goals and objectives. More so, it aids an individual to satisfy his aspirations without having to disrupt the way he lives his life.

Furthermore, it enables man to be responsive to his needs. In the case at bar, it enables him to control Monday instead of the contrary. It would make it easier for one to be on track and do what he has to do – keep things in perspective according to the life he has always wanted.

Time Line Therapy® is not a foolproof plan to get rid of your unwanted feelings towards Monday. Rather, it would help you gain a better perspective in life—in the soonest possible time.

Everything happens for a reason – even if the reason is unknown – still it is with reason. Making assumptions and conclusions of the world disables the self of the many opportunities that he is capable of experiencing. Yes, with experience comes the sought for lessons in life that enables the self to grow and develop as he age and mature.

Undeniably, time plays a big role in the fulfillment of one’s very being. To say big implies a holistic characteristic that could be mistaken for the presence of change in the self. Again, like change, time is as unpredictable as change itself. They say it works in a pattern but as one tries to keep up with it, anomalies and circumstances tend to prevent one in ticking together with the hands of time. As reasonable as we could ever be, we can never keep up with time. It is a waterloo – we know that to be true – but still we aim to keep up with it.

Life must be dealt with like time. one must not stop to smell the roses that long or he would end up losing precious moments. Although it is not the days or the time that counts, still, it should not be wasted as like a piece of candy wrapper thrown into the bin after use. It should be pondered and nourished so as to help in its development – avoiding stagnation all together.

With the likes of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Time Line Therapy®, I am able to realize on the benefits of change in the self – positive and negative at that. Although rendered as self-improvement methods, both NLP and Time Line Therapy® could verily help in the admission of truth in the self. To say truth implies a positive connotation of the advancement of life per se.

Adhering to personal development emphasizes on the ability of the self to transform negative vibes into positive that could be utilized by the self in relation to his goals and objectives in life. Although it takes more than a trial and error method, pursuing one’s needs implies a self that is  innately empowered and externally prepared to take on the world.

As reasonable as we are, we could also be blinded and deceived by lies. Bear in mind that we are cognitively charged beings thus we are able to let go of deception and eventually process life accordingly. Therefore, if there is deception, let go and think of it in the opposite – make use of your ability to transform the negative into positive.

Have you ever been in love? Did you feel like the world was at your feet ready to sweep you off at your command as butterflies fluttered all around? Was it a happy feeling or a bad one? Is the memory worth keeping or must it be eradicated from the subconscious?

Think about your most painful love story. Begin with the worst memory you have ever had. Imagine and reenact the scenario, relive the experience, and give out a loud sigh of relief after. Was the experience pleasant or not? Was the intensity the same as when it actually happened? Were feelings reignited or not?

Going back in time and reliving painful moments warrants an unexpected turn of events in life. It signifies your ability to face the past, and more often than not, face your fears. The journey back is one tough road to traverse, but it should be taken. As much as we want to forget, our subconscious enables us to visit the past and recall. And as painful as it is, it must be done to begin the process of recovery. Years may have passed, but for as long as the memory still resides in our subconscious, it is hard for us to just forget about everything in a snap.

With the help of Time Line Therapy®, letting go of the past is now possible. It is through Time Line Therapy® that the self will be able to administer and establish a connection with the subconscious. In doing such, the self will be able to let go and detach the self from the intensity of the past. In other words, it will become resilient and at the same time flexible to the changes that would occur.

In addition, Time Line Therapy® is able to help an individual embrace change and accept its possible consequences. An individual will be able to allow himself to be in a renewed position in order to adapt to the environment he is in. More so, Time Line Therapy® assures the self of the possibility of falling in love all over again.

Indeed, the cycle of life indicates a tremendous possibility of having to start all over again. In the case at bar, it is the idea of falling in love. It is the ability to forget about the past and love again. As they say, liberating the self unto the hands of time. In other words, it seeks to instill and establish the presence of hope in the self.

       To be able to fall in love again is one of the many mysteries of life. It seeks to encourage the renewal of the self, thus    elicit a more prepared and better self than before. It persuades the individual self to be available and open to whatever that 
                                       may come his way – whether good or bad because of Time Line Therapy®.

To be able to do what you want exceeds the notion of freedom. Although it entails freedom and liberation from the bondage that hinders us, it is actually more than that. It appertains to the ability of the inner self to surpass the bounds of the conscious and touch upon the external world. Yes, to express the self implicates a process that goes beyond the usual.

The conscious part of the brain holds the key to our quest for a life like no other. It allows us to act, react, and respond to the many encumbrances that we face in life each day. More so, it paves the way for us to be in sync with our lives, and at the same time, receptive to the possible consequences thereinafter. In other words, the conscious part of the brain allows us to be attentive to the world that we are in.

On the other hand, the subconscious part of our brain holds and stores the memories we have. It resembles a reservoir and a vault at the same time. It keeps all the records, files them, and organizes them to a tee. More so, the subconscious stores our most well kept secrets from the past that could either make or break us personally.

Lastly, the external world implies the world that we are in. Inclusive of the people we meet and would still meet, it appertains to the way we deal with others in relation to how we are to live our lives accordingly. The establishment of rapport, relationships, and the like enables the self to connect and form a bond with the world. Thus, enables us to fit in as individuals.

With the help of Time Line Therapy® or TLT for brevity, one becomes expressive of what he truly feels. More so, he is able to control himself and refrain from possible outbursts that could destroy and disrupt his way of life. The control that emanates from TLT is coupled with the discipline that we need to further nourish and develop the self. With control and discipline, life becomes bearable, tolerable, and conducive.

TLT enables the expression of the self. It implies a certain urge that provokes one to say what it is that he thinks is right according to his way of life. Yes, life should not be about others or how they react towards you, but rather, it is all about the development and nourishment of the self and doing the things that would empower your whole self.

                                                                  Do not be afraid to express how you truly feel.

           Instead, be motivated to speak your mind with ease. Let your thoughts flow and experience liberation from within.

Life is the sum of all the choices you make. It is not past, present, or even future dependent; it is a sum that constitutes the totality of your decisions and choices in life. More so, it is the product of spatiality that exemplifies the infinity of life.

Life is a continuous journey, so much so that not even death could halt it. Though death is seen and understood as an end, it is still possible to grow even when you are six feet under the ground. Your grave may be a sealed in concrete, but it could also be your gateway to a flourished life even in the beyond.

Leaving a legacy is what we are all after. We want to exemplify the life that we have lived even if we become no longer physically present in the world. What we do while we are still alive is reflective of how we have lived our lives in the past, and at the same time, how we want to be remembered in the future. Simply put, we have already written our own obituary beginning the day we were born.

What have transpired could never be repeated. Indeed, such is true, but it could be corrected. With the help of specially designed programs and trainings, we could learn how to part ways with what we have done wrong and improve it to our advantage. To work things out is how we are to interpret life and our days ahead. We cannot dwell on the past, regret in the present, and waste the future. We should be at par with the boundaries we have set, thus permit our selves to be the persons we have always wanted to be.

Time Line Therapy® is a set of techniques directed towards the accomplishment of our goals and objectives in life. It is designed towards the realization of the life we have always yearned for. More so, it deals with gaining control over our emotions, thus enabling us to be in tune with how our emotions work. Furthermore, if we have emotional control, we can also manage and organize our intellectual capacity in relation to how we may better comprehend the world.

Perceptions may cause disturbances in our lives, but at the end of the day, what matters most is that we are able to correct our notions and live accordingly. Not to connote deviancy from the self, but it would be best if we become able to relate our empowered innate self to the world that we live in.

                                               Be not afraid of change and what it could do to your life. 
                    Let time Line Therapy® show you how and guide you towards the right path – your right path. 

It is not what you have done; it is about what you are doing basically speaks of how we should look at life. 

Life is full of mysteries coupled with regrets but life should not be about them. There should be a striking balance between the negative and the positive. There should be unity in the innate self that would help us cope up with the many phases of life. Simply put, life is a big pool of opportunities that elicits a positive response from each of us. 

Life is a matter of choices. Either we take the plunge and face life with our head held up high or let it slip away. No matter what we choose, we must live the life that we have and not just throw it away without a fight.

A constant battlefield of intellectual and emotional rationality is what life really is. Never has been there a time wherein the mind and the emotions agree in an instant. There is always a constant debate in the self whether to follow the mind or the emotions. It exists even before we know of its presence. It takes us aback and appears without us knowing. In other words, we are constantly ambushed.

To gain control over the self is possible. Yes, it is. Methods, processes and programs have been designed to cater to our need to strike a balance between the two (2). It is primarily something that we need to overcome before we can truly say we know what control is.

With the help of Time Line Therapy®, techniques have been discovered to cater to the growing need to gain control over life per se. Though it primarily deals with gaining emotional control, it could be understood to mean life in general. Self-control warrants discipline and respect and that is what Time Line Therapy® is all about.

From the above stated quote, Time Line Therapy® aims to help man realize and actualize his self towards his fullest potential. Letting go of the past is the first step. Learn to unload the self of emotional baggage’s and unwanted past circumstances in order to live the life you have always wanted. In other words, what Time Line Therapy® wants is for one to dedicate his life to further improving and nourishing it the way he has envisioned it to be.

Do not be too caught up with your past as it may hinder your growth. Your present and future is equally important as your past thus it is best to focus on the now and tomorrow. Though the past would also be haunting us, it could be rendered moot and academic the moment we embrace Time Line Therapy® in our lives.

Therefore, liberate yourself and stop stagnating in the past. Live today as if it is your last. Stop living in your ‘what if’ world and start turning your ideas and dreams into a reality. More so, be brave enough to accept that what has done cannot be undone unless you want to keep relieving your past and forget about how good it is to be living the present and the future.