Dependency is but one of the most common problems in the development of the self. It is through such act that the self disables its ability to stand on his own and rely on others to do the thinking for them. In short, he loses his sense of individuality and settles to be less than what he could be.

Looking for a ‘shoulder to cry on’ enables the self to let go of his ability to cognitively process and linguistically assess the world and the situation that he is in. Although he is well endowed of acting according to his thoughts and ideals, he settles to let others do it for him and in the process, act like them. Allowing others to control your being is like being a selfless self that is not worthy of being an individual to begin with – much like letting the self be robbed off of your sanity.

Neuro Linguistic Programming, hereinafter referred to as NLP, seeks to create a wide range of opportunity in the self in relation to its development and nourishment per se. In other words, NLP, a method of self-improvement, seeks to strengthen the ability of the self to let go of perceptions, predisposed notions and opinions that disables the self of its ability to neurologically, linguistically and behaviorally adapt to the presence of change in the self – block the stagnation of personal development at that.

To say stop procrastination is a step closer to achieving the life that you have always wanted but to actually stop it is posts as another thing. Acting on it paves the way for the self to realize his innate ability to externally allow himself of the growth and development that he so warrants. Eliminating the buildup of negativity ensures of a self that is able to withstand the possibility of dependency and ponder upon the establishment of independence.

With the help of NLP, the self is able to see beyond the perception and perceive on his own. Through such, he is able to understand the data absorbed by his senses thus enabling him to further his development.

To be able to grow and learn at the same time equips and assures the self of a life worthy of living – both internally and externally.

Although it is not bad to be dependent once in a while, still we need to understand the intensity of the need to be independent of the world and grope on our individuality to have the life that we have always wanted.

Thus, be not afraid to break free and let loose as it is but normal to be but remember, always keep a positive outlook in life in order to satisfy your goals and objectives in life.

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