Emotional distraught is one of the most common disturbances in our lives. We get physically drained, emotionally battered and intellectually paranoid as we try to escape the clutches of emotional distraught. We allow pain to seep in and destroy our life. However, it is through such an emotional journey that we learn to accept and take hold of control.

The likes of emotional binging and “me time” hoarding are examples of an escape goat. We tend to dissuade from reality and settle for temporary happiness. We opt to be momentarily blinded by ecstasy rather than take time to achieve permanent happiness. Yes, there are two (2) kinds of happiness, and more often than not, we settle for the former because we are too tired to explore the depths of our innate self and psyche. In other words, we like to take the short cut as compared to the long and winding road.

With the help of NLP, we are able to face our fears of the unknown. We are now able to go beyond our comfort zones and exude confidence as we face life as it is. In other words, we are ready, willing, and able to fight the battle at whatever costs.

NLP prepares us to be innately strong. It aids us to fight our own inhibitions and take lead of our curiosity. More so, it seeks to empower us in accordance with the understanding that would aid the self to develop even further. Indeed, NLP tackles the holistic self over and above other mechanisms of self-improvement.

Although it is not “bad” to resort to what we are used to in order to ease the pain or get right back on track, still one must be aware of the possible consequences that would await in the long run. Emotional binging could resort to ailing and failing health conditions; impulsive buying could result to a financial breakdown, while depression could take away your sanity.

It is then important to allow a certain degree of “breathing area” in our lives to enable the growth of the self. Let us not overly crave for temporary happiness, although inevitably impossible, let us be observant of how we live our lives the way we want it to be and be who we yearn for.

                      The quicker we realize the importance of hard work, patience, and control in our lives, the better.

                      Thus, do not drench yourself in temporary happiness. Instead, nourish and enrich your innate self
                                                                  and truly feel happiness from within. 

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