Have you ever felt disgusted after uttering a statement? Have you ever regretted as soon as you finished your sentence and knew that you could never take it back? If yes, then you need to consider reading this.

A Freudian slip is a slip-up that results from the operation of unconscious wishes or conflicts in the self.  More often than not, this is committed when you are in a chaotic state that impairs your ability to process sensory data from the outside world.

However, a Freudian slip should not be considered as an excuse. This is because the moment you utter something that belongs in your subconscious, you speak in a language that allows you, to say the least, to be true—innately true. Not to connote a certain degree of negativity, but it is the truth. You say things you would normally avoid if circumstances would be different. You would keep mum and silent rather than speak your mind. 

To be numb and dumb at the same time warrants a state of the mind that impairs your rational and logical capacity to think. As a thinking being, you are capable of comprehending the world through your senses. More so, you can be attuned with the world through your emotional capability to feel, sense, and reciprocate emotions.

Neuro Linguistic Programming, NLP for brevity, is a powerful tool that enables the empowering of the innate self in relevance to living the life you have always wanted. It basically deals with your cognitive and communicative skills that, as they say, define you. Though it may be true, it should not be the case.

What Neuro Linguistic Programming aims for is to help you create perfect moments in your imperfect life. A method that permits you to be innately empowered in relation with how you would deal with others and establish rapport, NLP can help you achieve satisfaction from within, thus enable you to develop and nourish your self with ease.

Rather than feel uncharted and uncertain of how others would feel, be liberated and express what you want without holding anything back. Through this, you will be able to sustain your nourishment, thus permit you to communicate well with others, and avoid the pitfalls of arguments.

            Do not hold back on your subconscious; instead, release the burden in you and feel a lot better than before. 
Not to insinuate unfettered nonchalant thoughts, but rather, to encourage your self to speak up and avoid the build-up of stress.           
                                      Do what you must and exercise your right to an imperfectly perfect life. 

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