Getting along with others is but one inevitable mountain to climb. Tough as cement, it could either be drilled through or not. Like it is in the real world, we have our moments of seeking for holes where we could fit in and blend. We aim to belong and feel belongingness, as we want to build and establish a certain degree of rapport with others in order to better our lives.

Being in a crowd exudes a certain degree of longing to participate in the conversation or be in tune with the flow of things. In other words, the longing goes beyond being “in the scene”, but more so being able to connect with the rest.

Take the instance of an office scenario – working eight (8) hours a day, trying to get all tasks done and at the same time, building rapport with your co-workers. More so, having to deal with uncooperative schedules and disruptions that throw you off-track.

For most people, Monday is not always a good day. Not to imply negativity in Monday, but more often than not, Monday brings forth stress and chaos upon the self. While others may argue the opposite, most people would agree on the intense strain Monday puts on their lives. The impact is unbearably difficult to hold by the neck.

Good news, bad news, who knows!

There is uncertainty even in the certainty of life. Indeed, change is afflictive up to the slightest detail that we have. We depend on the roll of the dice and take off without having to ponder on the intensity of our actions and would-be actions. In other words, we are not concerned with the consequences, and we tend to focus only on the end result.

However, because of uncertainty, we have an unpredictable outlook in life – and this should be the case. We should be open and ready to accept all that life has to offer. Do not let one Monday ruin your entire week and affect your weekend; instead, take it in a constructive manner and motivate your self to turn your life around. Thus, do not dwell on the negativity of Monday; instead, find ways to make it positive.

Live, love and let loose on a Monday!

Most of us hate Monday. We see it as a distraction to our weekend and a disturbance to both our emotional and physical state. In other words, we already have a preconceived notion of Monday without having tried to live it accordingly. Simply put, we let Monday rule over us – and this should not be the case.

Live accordingly and love what life offers without hesitation. Do not let Monday dictate your life; instead, take control of Monday and let it be your motivation. Develop your life one step at a time – or one day at a time and be happy. Remember, Mondays pass, but your life keeps on moving forward.


Life is full of expectations. It is neither determined nor certain; it is full of surprises that enable life to be more exciting than yesterday. Let life be your motivation. Let it be your guiding principle, and do not let Monday ruin your life for you. It is just a day – any usual day that is like any other. May it bring a positive result or not, that is what life is all about.


Time Line Therapy®

One of the best ways to let go and gain emotional control over your life is through the techniques of Time Line Therapy®. It aims to help an individual be who he wants to be by having a life that is balanced and relevant to his life goals and objectives. More so, it aids an individual to satisfy his aspirations without having to disrupt the way he lives his life.

Furthermore, it enables man to be responsive to his needs. In the case at bar, it enables him to control Monday instead of the contrary. It would make it easier for one to be on track and do what he has to do – keep things in perspective according to the life he has always wanted.

Time Line Therapy® is not a foolproof plan to get rid of your unwanted feelings towards Monday. Rather, it would help you gain a better perspective in life—in the soonest possible time.

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