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Making my way downtown is how I have always imagined my life would be; being able to withstand certain demands from the outside world and at the same time enslaving thy self towards the perfection that I have always aimed for. However, as I age and mature, I realize that I am already perfect and complete. Yes, I have to believe such in order to be who I want to be. In other words, boosting the self in ways that would help me achieve my goals and objectives in life and be satisfied at the same time is my main priority.

Neuro Linguistic Programming, hereinafter referred to as NLP, serves as the building blocks in enabling the self towards the satisfaction that it years for. Yes, year as it has been one of life’s many impending and continuous goals that each aims to accomplish. More so, to be satisfied both innately and externally allows the self to learn how to expect the unexpected and appreciate even the minutest detail in life.

I have to learn how to be genuine and true. I need to discover my strengths and weaknesses in relation to my aim to be satisfied. I have to act in accordance to how I want my life to be and  thus learn to grope on my abilities and exhaust them to their fullest potentials. Through such, I would be able to live the life that I have always craved for and more so, be who I aim to be.

My goals and objectives in life are my light at the end of the tunnel. They pull me towards them and thus I have to make sure that I do – whatever the cost may be. I have to understand the intensity of my being and allow it to flourish alongside my own development. In other words, I must have a mutual appreciation and relationship with my whole self to be able to do what I must before all is taken away from me.

The way I see it, I have to take one-step at a time and learn to be in control. I must carry out a tune and belt when needed and refrain from overusing my vocal chords. Just like in life, be persuasive to an extent and know your limits but do not be defined by them. Instead, use your being limited to your advantage and see how you are able to transform yourself in being the ideal you –this time, your real life ideal you.

NLP seeks to empower the self. NLP wants the self to actualize its potentials and utilize them to his advantage. It wants to have a self that is pleasingly empowered from the inside and externally prepared to withstand whatever life has to offer. In short, to be ready of the many trials and challenges that one is to face in his lifetime.

Being your true you is not difficult, despite what others might say, it is actually easy and could be achieved by all. We make life difficult and nothings else. Think about it.

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