I am. .

I know I must.

I believe I have to.

I wish I could do it NOW.

I must in order to make me happy.

I need to.

I really do.

I know I can.


What am I supposed to do to let you go?

I cannot let another day make me miserable.

I have to get up and erase the negativity inside me!

Most often than not, we become addicted to the idea of falling in love and finding our knight in shining armor. However, is it still possible to find genuine love? I admit, to be in a relationship has been one of life’s many surprises. You get pulled in by the intensity of the love you feel towards another that, most often than not, you forget about yourself. Yes, to fall in love means you become selfless – for the wrong reason.

Do not get me wrong but to be in love and being loved in return has its fulfilling advantages. However, it too has its moments. Like the aforementioned, you become selfless and think of another more than your own. You would rather be involved with him than consider your own well-being. In other words, you forget that you and your self need the attention, too. Although to give part and share yourself to another is but inevitable, it should be taken in consideration that not everything should be shared or given to another.

To be in love means independency and not dependency. When you feel like saying no, do so. Do not let yourself suffer from the bondage of keeping yourself in a relationship for no logical and apparent reason. In short, do not let your clamor for belongingness to overrule your rationality.

Although to cling onto another is a natural humanistic gesture, still it should not be the end all and be all of living and more so of your existence. Instead, even when you are in a relationship, keep abreast of your individuality – that individually you are complete and can survive on your own.

With the help of NLP or Neuro Linguistic Programming, the self is able to see beyond the superficial and traverse into the depths of the psyche. To do such a thing implies an innately endowed and empowered self that is ready to share part of himself and accept part of others in his life, a process that enables the self to inspire and be an inspiration at the same time.

Furthermore, NLP aims to help the individual stand up and keep moving forward. The diagram above, in whatever way should it be read, cores upon the readiness of the self to be complete again. The arrow mainly symbolizes the ability of the self to foresee and the tip (“I” ) emphasizes that the end all and be all of everything that the individual does is for his own benefit. Thus, the diagram simply connotes a process of self-realization that NLP seeks to impart upon the majority.

Indeed, life is an hourglass but in the process, life is more than an arrow pointing forward than an hourglass.

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