I am not afraid to take a stand! This should be our mantra, our main motivating factor in further developing our lives. We may not always be in tune with our psyche, intellect, emotions, and inner self, but it does not indicate any degree of loss on our end. In other words, the very fact that we exist and are breathing makes us less vulnerable to falling out. 

Falling out, or breaking down, should not prevail upon our existence. It may affect us to an extent, but not entirely. Simply put, we must not be overpowered by our inability to decipher a situation outright. We must not be judged just because we cannot think in a snap, but rather we must be given the benefit of the doubt with respect to our ability to comprehend.  

Just like a staircase, we have a long and winding search for the self. It is not something that stares us boldly in the face, but rather it must be sought for – a relatively tedious and lengthy quest, but nonetheless worthy of undertaking. Through such we will be able to make a stand and imply the justification that we need to prove, not to others, but to ourselves the raison d’être of our existence. 

Though we need not justify the reason why we do such or understand and interpret a particular piece of information in a particular way, we need to assure our own selves of our capability to exemplify both our emotional and intellectual ability to live the life we have always wanted. More so, through such provocation of the self, we become able to discover and rediscover our self in relevance to furthering the life that we already have. 

Neuro Linguistic Programming, NLP for brevity, aims to develop, shape, and mold the self into the very person we want to be. NLP seeks to empower the self by programming our intellect and linguistic skills to help us be who we want to be. In other words, NLP as a tool enables the innate self to be nourished, developed, and satisfied in accordance with life in general. 

The justification that we seek for could be inferred through Neuro Linguistic Programming. It resembles a light at the end of the tunnel, as it invokes the self to move further forward and seek the light. In other words, the light represents the hope that we all need in our lives, which would then help us be in tune with the world we are in. Simply put, Neuro Linguistic Programming exemplifies and urges the self to be aware of the world –both in details and in its entirety. 

Therefore, just because we cannot linguistically express our opinions or ideas does not mean we are inferior to the rest. It only shows how careful we are with reference to the way we think, express, and understand a particular life situation. 

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