I am an energizer bunny. Indeed, I am. I make the necessary adjustments as to the furtherance of my being. My day depends on my ability to decipher the world and its many codes. In other words, I am the sole bearer of my life torch.

In today’s busy world, my day depends on the things that are surrounding me. May it be material, situations or events, I depend on the impact such creates for my life.

I admit, I am one who gets easily affected by the things that are happening around me. I could get easily addicted to over-thinking and tiring myself of the confusion that it may bring; the intensity of which is tantamount to my ability to adopt and respond to the situation on hand. That, whichever direction I may choose is of my own discretion and nobody else’s.

It has been said that stress or a state of mental or emotional strain or suspense brought about by the external world has its positive effects. To state, stress enables the brain to cognitively process the situation down to its core. In short, it paves the way for the individual to enable the growth of the intellect through logic, rationality and ability of the individual to be reasonable. To be able to do such permits the development and nourishment of the self without having to depend on others and external world for answers; that the self is innately capable of figuring a way out.

The likes of Neuro Linguistic Programming or NLP encapsulates the idea that the self is able to prevent, cure and eliminate the buildup of stress in the self. It further emphasizes on the ability of the self to rediscover his weaknesses and limitations and at the same time, convert them into his strengths. Yes, that is how NLP works. It seeks to help the individual to develop both his intellectual and emotional states and nourish his innate capacity to be immersed with others and that of the world in general.

The core idea behind NLP is to aid man into the way he establishes and create rapport with others. In the process, such notion also empowers him from within. To say the least, NLP is more than just a self-improvement method but more so as a process of discovering and rediscovering your own innate greatness to be able to live accordingly. In short, be the very person you have envisioned yourself to be in order to satisfy your life goals and objectives.

Therefore, the next time you are hit with the “stress bug”, smile. Indeed, smile your stress way and keep a happy disposition!

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