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They say always keep a positive outlook in life. Always be inspired and motivated in order to be happy. However, do we still need to acquire something to be happy or are we already happy on our own?

Understanding the composition of the way we live our life is considered futile and irrelevant to begin with. It’s futile and irrelevant as we need not look outside the self to be happy. Although considered limited, we have the capacity to implement happiness on our own. Basically, we have it in our hands – the key to our happiness that is.

In the beginning, we seek to be empowered from the outside to the inside. A flow of energy that we think could help us be motivated and inspired at the same time. We search high and low and most often than not, we end up frustrated as we are able to find temporary happiness and not the real and genuine one. Through the various trial and errors stumbled upon, we begin to understand and rationalize on the idea that what we are yearning for is already upon us.

The self is composed of the innate and external self. The latter is basically composed of the outside world and other individuals aside from himself while the former connotes those that he already posses since birth but does not necessarily imply of hereditary qualities. Given that, we can conclude that, with both our external and innate selves, we are able to produce a certain degree and kind of happiness that is only available for us. In other words, we are bursting and overflowing with certain qualities that could help us be motivated and inspired at the same time thus no need to search for it outside.

Although in life, we need some form of temporary happiness to help us get by, still we revert back to the self in relation to the need to be innately empowered and happy at the same time.  The innate self is most powerful as it can salvage a drowning self; it serves as the platform for being who we are and living the life that we have always wanted.  The ability of the innate self allows the whole self to propel towards the path that which leads him to the achievement of his goals and objectives in life. In other words, it is the innate self that encourages the self to move and never get stuck in the moment.

Thus, it is duly important that the innate self, together with the external self, be appropriately empowered in relation to its quest for a better, fuller and richer life ahead. One key player in this is the discovery of Neuro Linguistic Programming, NLP for brevity, in the self. Learn NLP and be NLP equipped before it is too late.

                                            Now the question is, are you innately empowered?   

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