It is not what you have done; it is about what you are doing basically speaks of how we should look at life. 

Life is full of mysteries coupled with regrets but life should not be about them. There should be a striking balance between the negative and the positive. There should be unity in the innate self that would help us cope up with the many phases of life. Simply put, life is a big pool of opportunities that elicits a positive response from each of us. 

Life is a matter of choices. Either we take the plunge and face life with our head held up high or let it slip away. No matter what we choose, we must live the life that we have and not just throw it away without a fight.

A constant battlefield of intellectual and emotional rationality is what life really is. Never has been there a time wherein the mind and the emotions agree in an instant. There is always a constant debate in the self whether to follow the mind or the emotions. It exists even before we know of its presence. It takes us aback and appears without us knowing. In other words, we are constantly ambushed.

To gain control over the self is possible. Yes, it is. Methods, processes and programs have been designed to cater to our need to strike a balance between the two (2). It is primarily something that we need to overcome before we can truly say we know what control is.

With the help of Time Line Therapy®, techniques have been discovered to cater to the growing need to gain control over life per se. Though it primarily deals with gaining emotional control, it could be understood to mean life in general. Self-control warrants discipline and respect and that is what Time Line Therapy® is all about.

From the above stated quote, Time Line Therapy® aims to help man realize and actualize his self towards his fullest potential. Letting go of the past is the first step. Learn to unload the self of emotional baggage’s and unwanted past circumstances in order to live the life you have always wanted. In other words, what Time Line Therapy® wants is for one to dedicate his life to further improving and nourishing it the way he has envisioned it to be.

Do not be too caught up with your past as it may hinder your growth. Your present and future is equally important as your past thus it is best to focus on the now and tomorrow. Though the past would also be haunting us, it could be rendered moot and academic the moment we embrace Time Line Therapy® in our lives.

Therefore, liberate yourself and stop stagnating in the past. Live today as if it is your last. Stop living in your ‘what if’ world and start turning your ideas and dreams into a reality. More so, be brave enough to accept that what has done cannot be undone unless you want to keep relieving your past and forget about how good it is to be living the present and the future. 

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