To be able to do what you want exceeds the notion of freedom. Although it entails freedom and liberation from the bondage that hinders us, it is actually more than that. It appertains to the ability of the inner self to surpass the bounds of the conscious and touch upon the external world. Yes, to express the self implicates a process that goes beyond the usual.

The conscious part of the brain holds the key to our quest for a life like no other. It allows us to act, react, and respond to the many encumbrances that we face in life each day. More so, it paves the way for us to be in sync with our lives, and at the same time, receptive to the possible consequences thereinafter. In other words, the conscious part of the brain allows us to be attentive to the world that we are in.

On the other hand, the subconscious part of our brain holds and stores the memories we have. It resembles a reservoir and a vault at the same time. It keeps all the records, files them, and organizes them to a tee. More so, the subconscious stores our most well kept secrets from the past that could either make or break us personally.

Lastly, the external world implies the world that we are in. Inclusive of the people we meet and would still meet, it appertains to the way we deal with others in relation to how we are to live our lives accordingly. The establishment of rapport, relationships, and the like enables the self to connect and form a bond with the world. Thus, enables us to fit in as individuals.

With the help of Time Line Therapy® or TLT for brevity, one becomes expressive of what he truly feels. More so, he is able to control himself and refrain from possible outbursts that could destroy and disrupt his way of life. The control that emanates from TLT is coupled with the discipline that we need to further nourish and develop the self. With control and discipline, life becomes bearable, tolerable, and conducive.

TLT enables the expression of the self. It implies a certain urge that provokes one to say what it is that he thinks is right according to his way of life. Yes, life should not be about others or how they react towards you, but rather, it is all about the development and nourishment of the self and doing the things that would empower your whole self.

                                                                  Do not be afraid to express how you truly feel.

           Instead, be motivated to speak your mind with ease. Let your thoughts flow and experience liberation from within.

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