Making my way downtown is one of the many life codes that most of us resort into whenever we have something inside us. Whether it is a problem, a trial or a challenge, we like to keep abreast with the possibility of surpassing it in a fashionable manner thus allowing us to make our way downtown. To say the least, we like to make a grand exit and exude our greatness to the prying eyes of the public.

Yes, it is true that we want all the attention but only as when we are exiting the rough road. We keep mum about unfortunate things but boast about it at the end. We like to keep the pain within us and the victory shared. Though it is pitifully acceptable, still this should not be the case.

The best possible way to experience innate happiness in lieu of overcoming a particular ordeal in life is through sharing. Yes, life is about sharing but only to some extent. You are not expected to share pertinent information about you but you are expected to share some to others. As to the qualification of issues that could be shared, it depends on upon your discretion. Others share superficial ones while others open their whole life to the public. As to the gravity of effect, still it depends upon you. Most often than not, this depends on the intensity and kind of information shared. Simply put, putting yourself on the line depends upon your liking and nobody else’s.

To struggle in life is but inevitable. Nevertheless, it should not be hoarded and kept. To some degree, it must be shared to lessen the burden and at the same time grow with others. Indeed, growth is not only personal but also a social activity. To be able to connect and establish rapport with others enables the self (individual) to realize his capacity in lieu of his selfhood and his ability to be with others. In other words, he can develop himself both innately and externally without having to dissuade from his goals and objectives in life.

To have a well-balanced and developed self is what Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Time Line Therapy® (TLT) is all about. It seeks to impart the value of imbibing positivity in the self thus allowing it to be at par with his quest for a better and richer life ahead. In other words, the way such processes works enables the self to understand his entire being without having to depend on others. Simply put, he is able to satisfy his self holistically thus permitting him to be the very person he wishes to be.

Indeed, to be able to live the life we have always wanted has been the end all and be all of our lives. We want to attain such inspite of everything that life has to offer. More so, achieving such status allows the individual to be who he really wants to be. Thus, whatever life may give you, be thankful for you are able to partake in such a journey. For at the end of the day, what matters most is the ability to surpass it and learn from the experience.

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