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Highly acclaimed singer Mariah Carey once sang about being a hero. As per subjective understanding, I understood the necessity to believe in yourself thus becoming your own hero. Indeed, you are your own hero. Above all, you are capable of listening, comprehending and acting on all that puts a frown on your face. You may not be aware of it but you, and no one else, could help you alleviate yourself from the pain and suffering.

Thunder only happens when it’s raining; there is no smoke when there is no fire. Simply put, in every action there is indeed an equal or opposite reaction. Thus, the moment we let ourselves carelessly fly with the wind is congruent with our ability to think of ways to glide with ease thus lessening the turbulence that comes with it. Now, you might ask what is the relation to being your own hero? Well, to begin with, there is thunder because you caused the rain. More so, you have ignited the fire thus there is smoke. Simply put, you are your own worst animator, creator, contractor or whatever label you might want to add. You are the cause of everything.

To seek refuge in another is how we normally do things. However, that should not always be the case. Look no further, the search is over before it even began. The answer to our many impending questions lies on our own self. Yes, we are our own hero; our own answer to the problem. Though not fashionably graspable, we are our own hero. We hold the key to our happiness and not just any kind of happiness but genuine happiness.

With such, it is easy to rely entirely on the self alone and let go of anything external. Temporary happiness or bliss could be eliminated thus focusing on the ability to be truly happy. A happy ever after indeed.

Like Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP for brevity), it seeks to empower the self innately thus eradicating anything less than what the self deserves. Simply put, it nourishes the self accordingly thus permitting the life that one has always craved for. Yes, we are always on a constant craving; a life that is perfect, one like theirs. With NLP, although shaping the life in accordance to how successful people live theirs is possible and feasible at the same time, it enriches the individual to be his own entity. Aside from him being his own hero, he would be taught to accept his flaws and make better of what he has. In short, to develop the self entirely implies that he exhaust his entire self to his maximum potential. To be able to do such allows the self to see through the obvious and learn to expect the unexpected.

        Putting aside jealousy and embarking on a life long journey to greatness spells nothing but perfection to him.
                              Grope if you must, stand up and have a life according to your preference.

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