“All I want is someone to stay, no matter how hard it is to be with me.

I seek for someone who would be able to put up with my qualms, yearnings, and cravings; someone who is as keen and adept as I am in terms of living an adventurous life like no other. In other words, 

I want someone who is similarly different from me.”

Yes, seeking is not dependent or limited only to the self. It goes beyond the self, as it lurks into the depths of the life of another. Looking for a similarly different individual is as hard as finding a pellet in a room full of shoes. An unlikely comparison, but it exemplifies what a similarly different notion of another is. However, it is possible. In life, everything is possible.

Being paired with another being is like finding a gem in the desert. Again, it seems like an unlikely occurrence, but it is possible. The reason we seek for other people to become a part of our lives is because we want to fill in our void of incompleteness. That is speaking from a subjective perspective, but in a nutshell, that is how others see their lives too—being able to complement each other in relation to having the life that has always been wanted. Take the instance of friends; different characteristics, but bounded by a single aim: to realize the fulfillment of the self.

Time Line Therapy® is a set of techniques that cores upon the idea that there is a need to gain control over our emotions. In other words, emotional stability is but one of life’s quintessential requirements in further developing the self both inside and out.

With the help of Time Line Therapy®, we will be able to develop the self by letting go of the past. The raison d’être behind such is the need to establish a self that is a by-product of the past, present, and the future—never solely dependent on one time line. Simply put, Time Line Therapy® aims to us be individual persons not only for our own selves, but also for others.

To be able to share a part of our lives enables us to be open, and thus able to allow foreign matters such as external forces, to meddle with our lives. External forces dwell upon the idea of having to deal with the lives of others. In other words, we would also be entertaining questions and emotions about another individual aside from our own complicated selves.

Though irrationally rational, it is also best to enable our own selves to meddle with others because, through such, we will be able to figure out how the machinery of life works. In other words, we would realize how life really is from the perspective of another--a give and take relationship that results in further development of the self.

                      Thus, we must let Time Line Therapy® help us look for our imperfectly perfect match

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