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They say life is a book; full of chapters and pages. However, the difference lies on the fact that life, like books, have beginnings but life does not have a predictable ending. Well, you can say death is but a predictable ending to a happy life but of its certainty and exactness, that is unknown.

Neuro Linguistic Programming, hereinafter coined as NLP, is one method that could verily help in the administration of the growth and development of the self. Serving as a bridge between change and the self, NLP speaks of enabling the self to be ready of the possible consequences of change that could help in the nourishment of the whole self. In other words, it aims to positively charge the individual into writing his life pages despite the negativity that surrounds him.

Although we know that, anytime soon, we would be subjected to the darkness and that would be the cork on our wines, but for as long as we are still enjoying the party, be happy. Enjoy life and not mind the end for it would certainly ruin your parade. Complement life and death in a way that would warrant positivity amidst the impending darkness. See beyond the clouds and anticipate the rainbow and maybe a pot of gold at the end. What I mean is, be not hindered by our ‘end’ and instead make the most out of it.

Indeed, circumstances in life contribute to the outlook of one regarding his life now and in the future. Although done, the past still plays an important role in the development of the self. It is through the past that the self is able to learn and understand the intensity of life in general. It is through the past that the pages are filled and chapters are born. However, the past is not the end all and be all of life as there is still the present and the future.

NLP allows the self to connect with all of his timeline in relation to his goals and objectives. NLP wants the self to learn from his mistakes (past), apply the lessons (present) and eventually live the life that he has always wanted (future). That is how NLP works. It seeks to empower both the innate and external self in lieu of the possible subchapters of the book. With NLP, you learn to live your own life and write your book at the same time. It serves as the platform to allow everything about your life to prosper – good or bad, does not matter – as long as it is for your development, then NLP is there to help you.

Indeed, my life is a book and I am the main character. Be it a musical, historical, theatrical or romantic comedy depends on me. The setting might be unknown but one thing is for sure, I will be having a happily ever after ending – and no one can stop me.  

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