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Awareness begets acceptance and vice versa. Although coupled with a number of questions, still, at the end of the day, one accepts. Indeed, a tedious cycle to begin with but such implies how the human being is able to think and live accordingly. To connote accordingly here implies a subjective one that deals with how an individual sees to it that he is able to satisfy his goals and objectives in life.

I know I am not perfect nor is my life complete but the mere fact that I am aware of my limitations, I am able to accept such fact with all that there is. I may be full of questions and blinded conclusions but still I am able to accept who I really am. I admit, everybody wants to be perfect but has it ever occurred to you that your imperfection is what makes you perfect? That your incompleteness is what makes you complete? Thus, your limitation is what makes you whole.

 Although we purposely intend to be a somebody amidst the many nobodies out there, we forget that, since the beginning, we are already a somebody. We may not be as famous as those publicly owned celebrities or politicians who makes headlines but in our own right, we are a somebody. Well, to begin with, we are as complete as they are. The only difference is that we keep our greatness to a minimum and from the prying eyes of the public. As much as we are public individuals, we too are private as far as living the life that we have always wanted is concerned.

It is of no contest that part of us aims to be like them, living a luxurious life like royalties do. Admittedly, we become jealous of their status and hope that it was us on their positions. We become fanatically caught up with them that we tend to mold our lives according to how they are living theirs. More so, we want to be as lucky as they are that we do everything, in our powers, to be like them. However, we would never be like them or anybody else. We have our own identity and individuality that is primarily unique and distinct from everybody else. Our goals and objectives differentiate us from that of the rest. That we have different needs and wants that separates us from them.

Indeed, it is easier to be caught up in our own utopia where everything is perfect but it is best to be living the life that we have and put our perfection into good use. We just need to learn to use them and make use of them. That is where Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Time Line Therapy® (TLT) and NLP Hypnosis (Hypnosis) comes is. Such aim for the betterment of the whole self thus it seeks to empower the innate self in lieu of the external self. In short, NLP, TLT and Hypnosis seeks to help the development of the holistic self to be aware and accepting of his own perfection.

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