Don’t you get irritated every time you are asked about what life is? I mean, do not get me wrong, I love an intellectual discourse and the conversation that follows it but having to answer the same question again and again is more than enough.

Whatever manner or angle we might define what life is would still redound to the fact that it is indefinable. It is not tangible nor is it definite. It is lived but not lived to be defined. In other words, life is better left un-defined.

NLP Hypnosis, hypnosis for brevity, enables the self to be cleansed in lieu of its goal to live the life that he has always wanted. It seeks to help the self be at its best and topmost form despite of the encumbrances he is to encounter. More so, hypnosis enables the self to see beyond the horizon as it allows the self to embrace the change that comes with living.

Living the life that you have always wanted is how you are able to give due credit to what life is. You give meaning to life. Your life is the very definition of what life is. In short, life could only be defined subjectively and not objectively.

Although great thinkers had attempted to do such, it was rendered futile as the meaning of life died along with them. It changed as much as the era ended. To begin with, it was not certain. The definitions were just reflections of how they are living their life and not applicable in general. If there is one particular thought about what life that I am personally grateful for, it would be Socrates’ “An unworthy life is not worth living” as it speaks of the need to live the life that we have always wanted in order to give justice to life per se.

In addition, hypnosis cleanses the self through the elimination of past experiences that hinder his development. To be limited is one but to be hindered is one thing that must be disregarded and avoided at the same time. Hindrance leads to stagnation – something that we are all avoiding to be able to have a life that is worthy of cognition and living at the same time.

Although life is one intellectual topic that gets the most out of me, I still believe that its definition is still dependent on our ability to live it. It is not for others to give a precise definition of it but rather only by the self that is useful to the improvement and development of the self.

To be limited by the definition about life is like being a prisoner in your own dreamland. Learn to define life on your own and live it accordingly. Be not satisfied with what they have said and instead, define it according to how you want it to be. Besides, our lives are but our own responsibility—so, whatever it is that you do about it is your responsibility and not of them.

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