My life is a battlefield, a constant rage between giving in to temptation and maintaining my ideal weight. Yes, I am talking about food and its many effects on my life.

Though we all need food to live, we also have to keep conscious about the amount and proper portioning that we should observe in order to be fit. To be fit here does not necessarily imply bulging muscles and a six-pack, but rather the ideal weight that we should maintain according to our body mass index and height. Yes, everything has its placein our individual battles with food.

Do not get me wrong; I love to eat. I eat what I want when I want, but I keep watch of the amount of food I take. Indeed, there are days when I would over binge and eat without a care in the world. I do that and I am not one to counter that. I feel liberated with each bite and gastronomically satisfied the moment the food hits my palate. I am invigorated by the smell and sight,and at the same time intoxicated once the flavor explodes in my mouth. It feels like heaven with every bite; that is what makes it hard to overcome.

Gastronomical Rendezvous

Once the flavor stimulates my senses, I relax and forget about my quest to battle my urge to not overeat. Yes, at times, it is hard for me to put the fork down and say no to food. It is not like I deprive myself, but I have to eat in order for me to feel satisfied; however, I have to control my urges and that is when life, for me, becomes a battlefield.

You see; I tryto experience satisfaction without having to feel bad after. Well, maybe not every time, but more often than not, I give in and tell myself that it’s alright – I do not need to feel regretful because I did what I did in order to fulfill my needs. And such satisfied my innate self.

It is but inevitable to satisfy the innate self more than ever, as it is where the foundations for our lives emanate. It invokes a certain degree of authority over our psyche and self in general, as it seeks to develop the self according to how we see it. In other words, the innate self is our own blueprint that enables us to mold our lives accordingly.

NLP and food

NLP allows the furthering of the self through satisfying the curiosity we have by letting us try to explore the possibility of its results. In other words, it enables us to discover the depths of what we are after throughsatisfying our own curiosity.

More so, NLP helps me get over the feeling of remorse or emptiness that comes after eating. In other words, it makes me feel satisfied and burping with goodness after a meal. Though NLP does not encourage over doing things, it also does not hinder me from doing the things I want. Simply put, it encourages me to do what I must, with the understanding that everything is for the development and nourishment of my innate self.

The importance of the innate self encapsulates our very being. It paves the way for us to be in tune with our life goals and objectives that we may be able to live the lives we have always wanted. Furthermore, being able to satisfy the self promotes and imparts positivity upon the self in general. Thus, warranting the capability of the individual to achieve what he wants in life – and more.


Thus, next time you feel like eating, do so and own it. You may have to watch your weight, but remember, the satisfaction and fulfillment of the innate self is more important than your weight. Eat if you must and enjoy life with every bite.

Whenever you are eating or cooking a meal, do not fret or worry about your calorie intake; rather, feel the build-up of gusto and munch on your every bite. Live, love, and eat!

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