Everything happens for a reason – even if the reason is unknown – still it is with reason. Making assumptions and conclusions of the world disables the self of the many opportunities that he is capable of experiencing. Yes, with experience comes the sought for lessons in life that enables the self to grow and develop as he age and mature.

Undeniably, time plays a big role in the fulfillment of one’s very being. To say big implies a holistic characteristic that could be mistaken for the presence of change in the self. Again, like change, time is as unpredictable as change itself. They say it works in a pattern but as one tries to keep up with it, anomalies and circumstances tend to prevent one in ticking together with the hands of time. As reasonable as we could ever be, we can never keep up with time. It is a waterloo – we know that to be true – but still we aim to keep up with it.

Life must be dealt with like time. one must not stop to smell the roses that long or he would end up losing precious moments. Although it is not the days or the time that counts, still, it should not be wasted as like a piece of candy wrapper thrown into the bin after use. It should be pondered and nourished so as to help in its development – avoiding stagnation all together.

With the likes of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Time Line Therapy®, I am able to realize on the benefits of change in the self – positive and negative at that. Although rendered as self-improvement methods, both NLP and Time Line Therapy® could verily help in the admission of truth in the self. To say truth implies a positive connotation of the advancement of life per se.

Adhering to personal development emphasizes on the ability of the self to transform negative vibes into positive that could be utilized by the self in relation to his goals and objectives in life. Although it takes more than a trial and error method, pursuing one’s needs implies a self that is  innately empowered and externally prepared to take on the world.

As reasonable as we are, we could also be blinded and deceived by lies. Bear in mind that we are cognitively charged beings thus we are able to let go of deception and eventually process life accordingly. Therefore, if there is deception, let go and think of it in the opposite – make use of your ability to transform the negative into positive.

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