Indeed, the best dreams happen when you are awake. You are able to go beyond visualization and directly live the dream. More so, it does not remain to be a dream; it becomes a reality that is happening right here and right now. 

Magical moments may be used to mean an exemplary experience in life but it is the realization of the dream and making it ‘work’ for you that is considered magical. No magic wands or pixie dusts needed, you only need to realize your capacity and exhaust your strengths to the fullest.

Yes, life is a big wonderland that could never be fathomed solely by anyone. Geniuses have proven that the mind is not capable of understanding the totality of life, psychologist believed that it could be pursued but only to a certain extent and magicians have accepted the fact that life is not a simple bunny in a hat trick that could be done and redone.

Life is life. It is, on its own, a definition unworthy of definition but worthy of comprehension. It is an unbearable likeness of a being that destroys the definition even before it is actualized. In other words, it does not want to be defined as life is, instead, life is period.

The way our mind works builds up on the notion that everything could be understood. Raw sensory data could be translated and given meaning. Yes, this is true. However, it should also be understood that our humanity posts as our greatest limitation. We are limited. We can never go beyond our comfort zones even if we want to.

However, although worthy of cognition, the abovementioned scenario should not always be the case. Life should always be challenged thus challenging the self. It should always be on alert mode to enable the solicitation of positivity in the self. Perceptions and predisposed notions could be converted to something that is duly accepted by the general populace.

Not to emphasize on the need to belong or be like the rest, but life is built upon the notion of camaraderie and belonging. It seeks to impart upon us the need to create and establish a bond to realize our greatness.

Although true, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) would like to core upon the idea that feeling aligned with others is the end all and be all of life. NLP seeks to inform the self of the need to be innately enriched and nourished to be able to live the life he or she has always wanted.

                                             To develop the self means to disallow the buildup of negativity. 
                             Simply put, it is constructing a self worthy of cognition—by the self and of others as well. 

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