Ever been offered something you cannot decline? May it be material or immaterial, the main contention resides on the idea that you are not able to say “no” and regretted the moment you had to say “yes”. You make yourself believe that everything is okay despite the pain and remorse that is building up. In other words, you try to smile your way out of the situation.

Humans as we are, we normally handle situations without thinking of the possible consequences in the end. For us, the past cannot compensate the present or the future with the present. What we seek for is the ability of the self to deal with prevailing events and acts that we believe to contribute and affect our well-being. In other words, we focus our attention to those that we believe to satisfy us innately and allow us to attain our goals and objectives in life.

To belittle the ability of the self to choose and decide warrants an understanding that the self is not fully satisfied. To say the least, the self is not innately empowered. It is not as sturdy and as strong as we would want it to be. No, such notion does not connote incompleteness but rather when you say “not innately empowered” speaks of the lack of the fulfillment in the innate self and psyche that allows the self to develop and nourish the way that he has envisioned his life and self to be. In short, an innately empowered self is one that is balanced and cultivated in relation to having a life that he has always wanted.

To be able to steer the wheel and navigate the ship in the right direction is what Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP for brevity) does best. It imparts knowledge in the self that allows it to be at par with his vision in life. To emphasize on vision entails the understanding that the self is able to live out his dreams, aspirations and ideals. He is able to see the reality beyond and over his imagination. In short, NLP allows the self to forget about the past, enrich the present and foresee the future accordingly.

What NLP does is that it ensures the self of a life that is entirely different from the rest. Although through NLP the life of another, one that speaks of positivity, could be used as a pattern to redirect his life, still it must be understood that the self must be lived not in relation to how others live theirs but of how you wish to live and make the most out of your life. The decision to the kind of life you will have still resides in you; you are your own discretion.

  Therefore, the next time you are caught in between, be sure to fight the urge to give up and wave your white flag. 
                             Fight until you realize your mistakes and learn
– that is how life should be!

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