“Out in the night that shadows me, I feel the darkness creeping up at my back. The more I seek for refuge, the more it lingers on my doorsteps. I want to escape, but I do not know how. Now, all I can do is wait. However, until when? Would I still be able to see the sun shine and experience my life again?”

The moment we let darkness seep in, we tend to lose our way back, and more often than not, stay in our sanctuary for a long period of time. We keep everything to ourselves, thus enable stagnation to build up and burden the subconscious with the negativity that takes over our rationality. 

We become rationally irrational, thus make our selves prone to delusional thoughts. Being destructive and at the same time disruptive to our selves and to others as well, it is best to learn how to rediscover the beauty of the sun and let it shine back into our lives. In other words, we must examine the need to be back on track and live the life we have always wanted.

The best method to achieve such is with the help of Neuro Linguistic Programming or NLP for brevity. It basically deals with the formation of behavior that has been patterned from someone else or developed by the innate self. Whichever way might be chosen, NLP is one powerful tool to help us be regain our spot in the limelight and let go of burdensome emotions, feelings, or experiences that hold us back.

Neuro Linguistic Programming is not just a tool, but also it is a method that directly affects and seeks to maintain a striking balance between our cognitive reasoning and linguistic skills. Furthermore, it aims to help us understand our innate selves in relation with the external world, others, and that of our selves as well. In other words, it targets to bring out the best in us without having to totally disrupt the way we currently live our lives.

Of the many advantages and life-changing effects of Neuro Linguistic Programming, it could be said that it would surely help us get back on the right track. Being slumped in the darkness could mean that the way we live our lives is not at par with what is expected of us. More so, allowing our lives to stagnate simply means that we are wasting and throwing away our lives. 

     What NLP seeks for is a well-nourished and developed life. Through such, our lives would be worthy of living 
           and could not be destroyed by whatever encumbrances we may come across along the way. 

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