What is a loss? Does it refer solely to a thing or a person? Is it universal or unilateral in understanding? How is one expected to understand the meaning of a loss?

To admit a loss or to experience a loss warrants a powerful emotion from any individual. The feeling of loss equates to the feeling of resentment and remorse on life per se. To justify such could mean digging into the profundity of the great tunnel we are in.  We seek for hope, a beacon of light amidst the darkness.

Indeed, there is hope. There would always be hope. Life and hope could be juxtaposed like the moon and the sun that make up our every day.  Hope here acts as the main motivating factor that drives and steers life towards the right path – right path symbolizes the goals and objectives we have set in relevance to the betterment of our lives. Moreover, the best way to attain such is through control.

To gain control over our lives could also mean to gain emotional control. To do such indicates a powerful urge within the self to develop and accept the prevailing encumbrances that constitutes life itself. In other words, though life is made up of challenges, trials, and moments that could either make or break the self, it is through such that we learn, discover, and embrace discipline within our selves.

Time Line Therapy® is one of the best ways to equip the self of the control that it needs.  Composed of powerful techniques specifically designed towards gaining emotional stability, it further aims to enable the self to let go of past forgotten events that are regarded burdensome. To say the least, it appertains to the idea that the subconscious, being the storage area of the brain, is already full and needs to be unloaded.

Performing the impeccable task of unloading the subconscious means that one is willing to forego and let go part of his past and at the same time move on. He is then ready to face the present with little reference to his past. Thus, he is able to live his present accordingly, and foresee and design his future without any hint of doubt.

Although Time Line Therapy® is regarded as a powerful set of techniques, it shall not be understood as the end-all and be-all of gaining control and letting go of the past. It must always be in reference to the gusto or drive of any individual, whether he is willing to imbibe the techniques and apply it to his life or not. The decision is still up to him, and thus the result is dependent upon his intention.

Therefore, just because you have experienced a loss means does not mean you are to give up on life just like that. It should be understood in the context of self-acceptance. As they say, if you were brave enough to say “good bye”, then you would be rewarded with a new “hello”. 

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