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In a world full of distractions, conquering one’s fear of time is but one tough act to overcome. It takes more than will power and a bottle of energy drink before the light at the end of the tunnel could be seen. In other words, time could never be tamed nor could it ever be fathomed.

The intensity of the presence of time is inevitable. Indeed, time, like air, is a constant factor in life and limited as we are, we are only able to grasp its meaning in parts – never in full. We crave for a thorough understanding of how time works and what it really is. We yearn for its definition in order to tame it but since time immemorial, no particular and concise definition has been given.

The moment we become aware of time and its importance exemplifies the fact that time is but a quintessential requirement in our lives. To warrant the exactness of its meaning, although possible, is but a futile attempt to understand how it truly works. In other words, time, like life per se, could only be seen and felt but could never be understood.

As aforementioned, time operates like life per se wherein the nest and only way to understand it is through the experiences we stumble upon. Time could either encourage or discourage us from further aiming to live the life that we have always wanted. In other words, time is but an important factor in achieving our goals and objectives and further in satisfying our innate self.

With the help of Neuro Linguistic Programming (hereinafter referred to as NLP), it permits the limited human mind to grasp a portion of what time is without having to divulge too much effort into it. To say the least, NLP helps the individual condition his neurological and linguistic abilities in order to pave the way for a much acceptable way of communicating his thoughts and ideas to others. In other words, NLP seeks to ensure that every nanosecond of an individual’s life is worthy of cognition and worthy of remembering. The way NLP works ensures that the individual is duly empowered from within thus allowing him to see beyond time and learn to work with it.  In other words, NLP teaches one to control his urges to go against time and converts such into positive vibes that would help him live his life accordingly.

                                Time, though never on our side, could still be used to our advantage. How?
                                                  With Neuro Linguistic Programming, it is possible.

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