I use to doubt everything around me. Even doubt my existence. I used to think that I am just an illusion of a somebody and that I am not real. I even kid around my friends and tell them that 8 out of 10 individuals we encounter are not real. I do not know, I aim not to scare them but that is how they feel. They think I am scaring the wits out of them but, on the contrary, I am not.

I still do not know why I do what I do but time taught my friends that this is just how I am. They understand my wackiness and thus we are able to live in harmony. Most often than not, that is. I have had my fair share of arguments with them and with others as well. I have been in countless of debates and I admit, it has been because of how I process my data. It is not about the things I am passionate about nor is it about who I am with but how I am able to perceive the sensory data from my surroundings.

Sometimes I wonder why I do such a thing. Be in a middle of a simple and friendly discussion then end up in an argument or a debate even. Honestly speaking, I love it when the people I am having conversations with are able to keep up with my quirkiness. I mean, I am not one to brag of my intellect and knowledge for I believe it is never enough, but I like to be caught in a discussion with people who know what they want. In short, I seek for an intellectual discourse that’s why I always provoke the people that I am with into an argument.

I seek to invade my psyche and theirs, too. I provoke them to go beyond their superficiality and warrant that they listen to their innate self. Though superficiality and light conversations allows the inner self to be happy, it is also important to dwell on the maturity that is significantly needed by the inner self.

When I heard of NLP Hypnosis, hereinafter referred to as Hypnosis, I learned to value my ability to stir up a conversation even more. Do not get me wrong but Hypnosis allowed me to realize the intensity of my existence as far as my ability to comprehend is in question. Hypnosis helped me get to the core of my existence and be in touch with my subconscious mind. Aside from such, I am also appreciative of my ability to sift through negative emotions and feelings that hinder my growth. Indeed, to innately develop and grow is what we are all after. We seek to be one and with hypnosis it is possible.

Next time you are in a conversation with your friends, try disturbing their way of thinking and introduce the idea of hypnosis.

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