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Life is what we make of it. It is not dependent upon anybody’s definition nor is it reliant upon a particular one. It flows like the water in the ocean thus it is unstoppable. In short, life’s very definition relies on one’s ability to live his life.

Although meanings and definitions on what life is has been said and been used by many other individuals, it is still not sufficient to encapsulate what life really is. To attempt proves of one’s ability to conquer the many slopes of life and never giving up enables him to sway from the many dictates of the society to stop. Yes, there are those who would applaud you for the attempt but, on the contrary, there are those who would stop you from furthering your quest. They say it’s jealousy, and I think so, too, but come to think of it, it is more than jealousy even.

Of what that attitude is would remain a mystery. Feelings and emotions are involved thus it is difficult to meddle in, intellectually that is. When emotions are involved, the intellect tends to shut down and vice versa. However, that should not be the case. That should never be the case.

Neuro Linguistic Programming, NLP for brevity, allows both the intellect and emotions to work together. Utopia, as it may seem, but with NLP it is possible. Triggering the unity between the neurological and linguistic abilities of the individual through specifically designed trainings and seminars paves the way for the individual to experience bliss in the self.

Yes, a blissful yet painstaking life is what NLP is all about. Realization of the life you have and of the possible one that you will have are meddled in thus emotions and feelings from the past would be rekindled. It is then but inevitable that the past would be excavated thus it might disrupt the way you are already living your life.

NLP works backward then forward. It seeks to help the empowerment of the self through a reflection of the past and at the same time learning how to let it go. Yes, NLP seeks to rebuild your own self through your own initiative. You become aware of your past, present and future altogether thus making it easier for you to be attentive of your life in general.

Indeed, you are the only one who could define what life is. Though universally accepted to exist, life that is, still its very definition lies on our own ability to decipher and fathom it. I make my own life thus I can answer what life is.

john chase
5/4/2013 01:20:23 pm

life is personel imagination with belief with no judgements.

10/17/2015 03:04:19 am

Your blog is very useful and provide tremendous facts. It is going to change the way one think by a sharp angle.Keep up the good work ahead.


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