I always ask myself why I dwell on learning the definitions and meanings of things. Am I setting my own limitation by doing so or am I just craving for knowledge? What is it that makes me yearn for words and their meanings?

I do not know how it began but I always am armed with a dictionary. Whether I am reading a book, watching a movie or in plain conversation with friends, I would list down the new words I would hear and look it up even in the middle of anything. Amidst the sentences and the groping in the dark for its contextual meaning, I still want the feel of a dictionary and enrich myself with every page turned. Is it just me or am I such a bookie that I want everything in paper trail?

I know, we are in the era of technological advancement and that smartphones, tablets and androids functions like the air we breathe, but I still want the distinct antique smell of the book and the tedious task of looking for the world itself. Do not get me wrong, I am fully equipped with technologies and my phone is something that I would not dispose of anytime soon but I still am fascinated with books.  Despite the many reading materials in the World Wide Web, I still want to feel the book under my touch.

Anyway, I believe in empowering my intellect thus I yearn for definitions. It is not something that I do to limit my own being but I believe otherwise. I say that the reason why I want to learn is that I want to imbibe the knowledge that I am supposed to acquire and I am not allowing myself to dull in time. In other words, I do not believe in letting the opportunity to learn go away and not do something about it. Grab it while it’s there and see yourself transform. To transform here connotes an empowerment of the innate and external self in relevance to the need to live the life that you have always wanted. To be able to see it transform in front of you is but one of the greatest miracles of life.

To allow the self to transform exemplifies the yearning of the self to be in perfect unison with the neurological, linguistic and behavior aspects of life. To be able to tap each one and work together means you are not repelling the presence of change and are actually imbibing it to help you achieve your goals and objectives in life. In short, you are working your way towards the satisfaction of your whole self and thus allowing you to be one with it.

The abovementioned scenario speaks of Neuro Linguistic Programming, hereinafter referred to as NLP. It seeks to empower both the innate and external self in order to be as productive professionally and personally as possible. In short, it ponders on the establishment of the self amidst the many dictates of the society.

To seek for meaning and definition is but a sign of encouraging the self to act in accordance to how he wants his life to be. More so, it seeks to empower and strengthen the self and not limit it. Thus, it is still okay to yearn for meanings. So, are you like me?                 

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