Falling in love is as certain as uncertainty itself; it could never be deciphered nor fathomed, as it is indefinable. More often than not, we define and evaluate the meaning of love through the intensity of the experiences we have undergone. The moment we feel elated, we say love is about being happy with the person we are with, while on the contrary, we despise and curse it when we get hurt. No matter how we see it, we would always have a unique take on love per se. 

They say ‘care less and you’ll end up happier”; however, is it applicable in love? Would it justify our curiosity to understand love and its effects on us? More so, would we be able to understand and comprehend love when we care less about it? 

Different answers and notions warrant our inquiry on what love really is. Not to invoke a negative notion to disable the quest to realize what love really is, but one question could warrant another question rather than an answer. That is how life is -- and love too; we ask without having the certainty of an answer.

If I care less, would I really be happier? Is there an assurance to such a notion? Given the uncertainty of events, I may not have the result that I want. I would end up more confused, thus more prone to regret the beauty of loving because I would then be too caught up in my understanding of love. Simply put, I would not be able to enjoy the ride because it is already raining on my parade.

On the other hand, if I were to care more for love, I would end up expecting and being devastated at the same time. I would not know what to expect (though that is what life is all about), thus I would be vulnerable to pain and hurt. However, it is said that to not expect means to have a greater shot at the life you have always wanted. It is like discovering life all over again.

To care less or to care more are both of different extremes, and thus warrant a tremendous disparity of consequences or effects. The way it affects life is like fuel – it could take you where you want to be or have you stuck in the freeway for all you know. It could be effective and destructive at the same time.

With the help of Neuro Linguistic Programming or NLP for brevity, one could take either path and still have the best life. Best life here appertains to a life that is not perfectly perfect, but close to the perfect life one aims to have. In other words, it is the life that he has planned for -- the life that he has always wanted to live. More so, it seeks to empower the psyche of the ability to perceive life in a way that would enable him to develop and nourish the self from within. This is an inevitable aspect of life, as it helps one to be the person that he has always wanted to be.

               Thus, do not worry when you become affected by the intensity lf love – it is but human to be. 
                Enhance and improve the self more than ever and be ready to take on life’s many surprises.

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