Making your way to the top involves a task so great; the mere thought of it could make you dizzy. It could cloud your cognitive reasoning, as you foresee yourself already at the top. Although it is good to be future-oriented, it is still scary, as it makes you forget about the details and focus solely on the result.

Though the aforementioned warrants an argument, when given adequate consideration, you will realize that it is true. It speaks of how we always like to count the chicks even before the eggs hatch. In other words, we like to feel triumphant even before taking the first step.

Subjectively speaking, I see nothing wrong with expecting; however, from experience, it is best to expect the unexpected in so far as feelings and rationality are concerned. Since life is as unpredictable as the weather, it is only proper to annihilate the thought of carrying your own dais and hailing yourself before you even consider being on your way to the top. 

Indeed, the first step is always the hardest; however, once you take the plunge and feel the temperature of the water, it could and would just be an easy climb. In other words, be not afraid to pay attention to details in relation to your quest. Accept the fact that before everything becomes certain, you still have to experience the uncertainty of the certainty.

Life is a matter of choice. It is full of winding paths, numerous options, and other unnerving ways that create chaos in the self. To doubt is but an imperative factor of life, and as such, it is unavoidable. However, that could be countered and defeated. Indeed, with the help of Time Line Therapy®, avoiding the pitfalls of life could be accomplished—though not entirely, it is possible. And that is what makes Time Line Therapy® unique from the rest. It provokes one to make a choice, live it, and eventually forget it.

I am my own choice. My choices define my personality, thus exemplify my being. Whatever path, choice, or option I take is of my own doing. It is a cumulative effort coupled with intuition of the innate self that make my choices a definition of my being. Thus, whatever I end up with is my own and nobody else’s.  I must own it and face the music without doubt. Because the moment I do, I not only doubt my choices, but my very being as well.

With the aid of Time Line Therapy®, I am now able to realize my self-worth, which will result in me living the life I have always wanted. Therefore, I can say that I own my life.

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