Falling in love has been undeniably exciting for all of us. To deny of such state is like denying the self of the freedom that it so warrants. More so, to say one has never been in the love bandwagon is like detaching your entire self from the world and of others as well. Indeed, falling in love has been one life spice that invites growth and development to settle in with the self.

To find the one that perfectly fits the gap in your hands is but one tedious quest to undertake. Numerous trails must be surpassed and errors must be corrected along the way. Investment of time and effort might be resorted in but when you are able to experience, realize and feel love through rose colored glasses, then it certainly feels like a home run.

Being able to share part of your own self to another and being loved in return implies a perfectly complete self. Indeed, there is such a thing. In the first place, one is already perfectly complete. Coupled with experience and time, one becomes able to perform at his fullest potential thus enabling him to share part of himself to another. In the process, he becomes individually stable and could not be withered. In other words, because of his confidence in himself, he is able to bear certain uncertainties thus allowing him to grow despite all that love brings in his life.

Indeed, love is not all rainbows and balloons; it too has its fair share of pain and tears. It can really make or break an individual. Thus, one needs to be ready holistically to be able to withstand anything that might come his way.

The way love instills its presence in the self works like that of Neuro Linguistic Programming (hereinafter referred to as NLP). NLP, as a self-improvement tool, persuades the self to see beyond the normal and experience extravagance all at once. It speaks of allowing the self to be at par with what he has envisioned his self to be and at the same time live the life that he has always wanted. In other words, NLP helps the individual highlight his strengths and improve his weaknesses in lieu of the demands of life and love. To do such requires a self that is innately empowered and enriched.

To attain growth of the self takes more than will power and discipline. It seeks to underscore the presence of control thus enabling him to control his innermost self in relation to his external one. More so, NLP allows the self to be neurologically active and linguistically trained to favorably exhibit his true self amidst the many anybody in the world. To be a somebody allows him to come across his true find and be with his love forever. Yes, I am a hopeless romantic who believes in happy ever after and I also believe in the usefulness of NLP in the self.

Indeed, two heads are better than one. With innate greatness and NLP working together, one would surely be able to see beyond the usual and find the one that perfectly fits in his hand.

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