Do this: Look for a full-sized mirror and examine your own reflection. Do you recognize the person looking back at you or not? Do you see any differences? Or is it all the same?

Do you recognize yourself from before or are you a renewed version of yourself? Renewed here connotes a more advanced version of a thing, and in this case, your own self. Have you improved for the best or the contrary?


What do you see? The reflection you see primarily deals with your physical appearance. Weight gain or the formation of a zit on your face could be observed immediately. What you normally do not see, you are not bothered with. However, in the case at bar, your innate self could never be reflected in the mirror. It deals with the internal self, and thus connotes a more personal feel to it.

The innate self could never be seen; others may feel it, just as well as you could.Yes, others’inputs regarding yourself act as the best and only way to realize who you are. Not that you are not fully capable of comprehending your own self, but more often than not, youmaintain a considerable distance with respect tothe dissection of your innate self.

Although acceptable, this should not be the case. It should not be dependent upon what others see and observe of you, but rather the realization and observation must come from within. The innate self must be understood in order to relate with and to others. In other words, an adequate definition of the self must first come from within.

To say the least, you need to understand your self in order to understand how others understand you. Simply put, a well-nourished and developed self shall be the prevailing factor in relation to personal growth. It should emanate from within and not from the outside; if that the latter should take place, you would be blinded and dependent on others’ opinions on how to live your life.

What lies beneath?The more you look at your reflection, the more you become curious of what lies beneath your façade. Are you genuinely happy or emotionally disturbed? Does your smile give justice to your innate feelings or not?

The more you think, the more you wander off and trail along a line of questions that are solely related to your well being. You wonder if that smile represents something or if the glint in your eyes means anything significant. Curiosity seeps in and attacks you right when you least expect it. Although you want to know the answer, you are bombarded with more questions than ever before.

You wish to stop, but your reflection stares back at you with a haunting look of dismay that troubles you as you try not to think about it. Indeed, you question who you really are. You ask yourself if you know that person staring back at you.

Neuro Linguistic Programming

With the help of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), you will be able to understand who you really are. It gives due importance to the totality of the individual. It aims to dissect the self, or in other words, it seeks to inculcate and develop the self in a holistic manner.

Neuro Linguistic Programming does not only deal with the self, but more so, it exudes a certain degree of certainty outward of the self. Simply put, it can help you strike a balance in your life in general that will permit you to be the person that you have always wanted to be.

No matter what you see in your reflection, what matters most is that you know yourself from within. Be independent from what you see in the mirror and be in touch with your innate well being.

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