I am in vain. I would like to believe I am not but as far as truth is concerned, I am in vain. I want to get out of this loop and see the world beyond but something keeps holding me back. Is it a force? I do not know as all I know is that, I need to get out and experience living beyond my limitations.

I know and accept that I am limited. I may not know what would happen next but I know that, whatever it might be, I would be able to surpass it. I am not all limited as I know that I can work with my limitations – and I have. My existence and my life is my proof.

Beyond words, I know I contribute to my own misery. I am my own patient and doctor. In short, I baked a cake and ate it too. That is why my misery could be juxtaposed only to my own doing and nobody else’s.

Responsibility is what life is all about. As beings, we are taught to be responsible thus the need to keep abreast with our development. To do so ensures that we are able to live the life that we have always wanted and more so keep phase with the way we live our lives. In other words, we are able to see life unfold before us according to our preference.

Normally, we rely on what is set before us. We are too afraid to see beyond the horizon and embrace the unknown. For us, responsibility becomes greater when we see beyond the normal. As much as we are adventure seekers, we too have that ability to let go of opportunities and regret at the same time. We overvalue regret that it tends to become an integral part of our lives.

With Time Line Therapy®, we are able to control our emotions and at the same time, ourselves in relation to the degree of responsibility we want to experience. Although responsibility enables us to move on, still control contributes to how we understand responsibility and moving on. We adhere to the possibility of control thus allowing us to take responsibility over matters that are important in our lives.

Time Line Therapy® focuses on the development of the self in relation to gaining emotional stability. To say the least, it is emotional stability that gives forth strength to the self in order to face life’s many challenges. Control enables the advancement of the self and more so, it allows the self to let go of what is hindering him. With Time Line Therapy® and its techniques, the self is assured of a self that is more than he has ever imagined.

Although responsibility is subjective, let Time Line Therapy® help you in discovering how to maximize your ability to control and be responsible at the same time.

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