Have you ever felt alone? Like the whole world is against you and you do not have any idea why? You constantly ask yourself for the reason behind such but never derive the right answer. Well, maybe not the right one but an answer that would allow you to understand your life now. 

Is it because of my presumptions or assumptions? The former being reflective of a discourtesy that invokes a form of an act of presuming while the latter appertains to a statement or statements that is primarily assumed to be true and from which a conclusion is drawn. From whatever perspective we might see it, it speaks highly of responses that may warrant an argument more than an agreement from others.

Sparking up an intellectually stimulating conversation with others could verily warrant an exchange of thoughts and ideas that could result to a debate. Not to put a pun on it but most often than not, this happens. In addition, mostly, it ends up in a very unlikely way.

Is it because of my perceptions? Perceptions here imply predisposed notions of the world that emanates from processing raw sensory data from the world, transmitted to the brain and conceived by our senses. Through such notions, we are able to interact with others and comprehend the world we are in. However, it is but inevitable that we can learn how to lessen such.

Taking the first step is but the hardest but we can learn to adapt to new ways to polish our outlook in life. The moment we let it in and embrace it in our lives, we become receptive to the world in a more socially enhanced manner that encourages us to establish rapport with others.

Is it because of me? Is it my own fault? To think logically and practically, I am able to understand the world. However, understanding the world is not the be all and end all of my existence. I need to innately nourish myself in order for me to impart part of myself to others.

Imparting the self warrants an explicit understanding of the self. It paves the way for an individual to adapt to change and embrace it within. The innate self must be nourished to encourage growth that is expected of us. The more nourished it is, the more the self becomes adeptly responsive to the world.

With the abovementioned scenario, it appertains to the fact that there is indeed a need to flourish the innate self in relation to achieving the life we want. Neuro Linguistic Programming or NLP deals with understanding the neurological and linguistic processing of the self in relevance to behavior or the way an individual reacts and interacts with others. Programs and the likes are specifically designed to help an individual cleanse his psyche, rationalize his intellect, control his emotions and polish his linguistic skills.

                               Therefore, do not put the blame all on yourself. Loosen up and lean towards excellence.
                                                                  Learn NLP and love life all the more.

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