Why does it have to rain on those who less deserve it? At times, I do not see the rationale behind such occurrence. I know, life is definitely not all paved and polished, but I also am in a question frenzy as to how the bumps are placed and distributed all throughout the journey. Is it evenly done or randomly placed?

The uncertainty of life is at times associated with fate or destiny. The occurrence of events and happening of circumstances, as they say, is explained only by fate and never fathomable by the human brain. Even so, it is said that our neurological capacity to process sensory data from the outside world is limited thus disallowing us to thoroughly understand the rationale behind every occurrence.

Although we aim not to dissect every single one of them, humans as we are, we like to avail of the opportunity to comprehend the reason behind it. We like to ponder on thoughts and ideals. In addition, we like the idea of being able to answer question and predisposed notions from others rather than ourselves. In short, we like to keep abreast with the many demands imposed by the society as to our ability to surpass such an ordeal and come out victorious in the end.

I see it as a form of bragging. Do not get me wrong but being able to surpass every tribulation we encounter spells out achievement under our belt. We like to expose our lives so as to be the talk of the town. We deny the attention but deep down we like it. As they say, “Good or bad publicity is still publicity.”

Do not get me wrong, I know others would like to keep their businesses private as much as possible but there are those who crave for attention despite the circumstances they are experiencing. They use such to gain an edge over and above others and be popular.

Yes, we all want attention. We like to be in the center and experience prolonged spotlight attention. We yearn for recognition and acknowledgement – even if it means putting our lives on the line. However, life is too precious to be wasted. Though is it too precious to be kept hidden from the world. There should be balance. And Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP for brevity) is one way to have balance in life.

Like Time Line Therapy® (TLT) and NLP Hypnosis, NLP ensures that the innate self is duly empowered so as to be at par with his goals and objectives in life. Here, NLP allows the self to see beyond his horizon and eventually experience the beyond. In short, NLP supports internal growth and development without having to neglect external betterment. Indeed, NLP aims to help build a strong self – one that can withstand the rain, thunder and typhoon all together. Though it would take time and effort, with the help of NLP, one would be able to realize the importance of shielding the self from the prying eyes of the public and learning how to keep things privately. In short, it is like starting a new life with the help of NLP.

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