I used to write letters. Well, I still do. I love the idea of pouring out your emotions and including your personality with every letter sealed. Be it formal or just a note, the time and effort exerted renders the act alone significant.

Writing has been my therapy. I am able to express my thoughts and ideas through writing. Despite my bearable spelling and sentence construction, I feel at ease whenever I am writing. More often than not, they are personal – experiences, lessons and aches that I have been through, people that made an impact in my life and even the places that I have been to are turned into my limited and once in a lifetime masterpiece. To begin with, the intention is not to have others read it but if it escaped my grasp, then so be it.

For me, writing is a way of cleansing my mind, thymus and my psyche. I am able to let go of emotions that are causing me pain, events that are hindering my development and experiences that are limiting my ability to grow. Although I often sulk on negativity with my writings, it is my way of eradicating what is holding me back and at the same time, imbibe the positivity from those experiences. Indeed, writing is my self-imposed therapy.

Aside from writing, I seek the help of Neuro Linguistic Programming, hereinafter referred to as NLP, in helping me create my perfectly imperfect world. With NLP, I am able to learn the need to empower both my innate and external self in relation to the satisfaction of my goals and objectives in life. I have to thank NLP for allowing to imbibe positivity in my own self and more so, transform and convert my negative experiences into positive that could help me live the life that I have always wanted. Indeed, NLP works in mysterious ways. We may not be aware of its contribution to our lives but as we write letter after another and forming a thought, NLP is there to guide us every step of the way.

The moment I gave NLP a chance was life changing for me. Like others, I was adamant, as I was not sure of how it works and how it might affect me. However, as I gave it a try, I came to a conclusion that NLP is not hard to understand thus it was an easy acquisition of knowledge that, at the same time, could be utilized with ease.

Now, as I write, I am guided by NLP and my life experiences. I let NLP take me by the hand and pour my experiences out in a manner that is beneficial to myself and to the one who might take an interest in it.

10/17/2015 02:59:15

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