Never did I imagine that I would end up not with you. I admit; I was already looking forward to a life of bliss and challenges with you; I had conditioned myself that, whatever happens, we would be together. We would overcome everything and live the life we have always hoped for. However, apparently things do not always fall into place – circumstances tend to hinder our quest for a life that we have always wanted.

Indeed, life is a big pool of surprises. It has so many things in store that even a lifetime is not enough to enjoy each and every piece of it. In other words, it is indeed more than the façade and deeper than the deepest part of the ocean. It is unending and at the same time uncertain. It knows of no boundaries, thus enables man to seek for the light at the end of the tunnel. Simply put, life is a masquerade that is never ready to be unveiled.

Humans as we are, we have the tendency to dwell on a particular circumstance and forego the development of the self. More often than not, we become stuck in a situation without knowledge of how to escape from such. We only have hunches and gut feel, but still no certainty. However, that is what makes life exciting – not knowing what would happen next encourages the development of our cognitive and emotional capacity to life live in the moment.

Sometimes, it is best not to think in order to let go of our inhibitions. We have to learn how to overcome overthinking in order to pursue our quest for a life like no other. Though unexpected situations and events are always present in our daily life struggles, we must learn how to let go and expect the unexpected. Through this way, we will be able to see life in its entirety and enjoy every bit of it – with or without challenges.

More so, we will be able to enhance our innate curiosity, thus enable our selves to seek further than our comfort zones. We will be able to imbibe change and at the same time accept its possible consequences that would, in one way or another, contribute to our wellbeing.

Like NLP, it seeks to further improve the self into extending beyond its limits. In other words, it enables the self to grow and develop to be more than what any individual has imagined. The likes of NLP, being a self-improvement mechanism that rallies behind the self towards the path that one wants to be in, is indeed a big help.

To begin with, NLP enables the self to explore and be a risk-taker more than ever. It further allows the self to pursue what it wants and extend its scope even further. Through NLP, the self is able to see beyond the horizon and imagine what it might be like to live the life he has always wanted.

Thus, NLP is not only a self-improvement tool or process, but also and more so, an aid in the quest to live life accordingly.

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