Never did I imagine that I would end up not with you. I admit; I was already looking forward to a life of bliss and challenges with you; I had conditioned myself that, whatever happens, we would be together. We would overcome everything and live the life we have always hoped for. However, apparently things do not always fall into place – circumstances tend to hinder our quest for a life that we have always wanted.

Indeed, life is a big pool of surprises. It has so many things in store that even a lifetime is not enough to enjoy each and every piece of it. In other words, it is indeed more than the façade and deeper than the deepest part of the ocean. It is unending and at the same time uncertain. It knows of no boundaries, thus enables man to seek for the light at the end of the tunnel. Simply put, life is a masquerade that is never ready to be unveiled.

Humans as we are, we have the tendency to dwell on a particular circumstance and forego the development of the self. More often than not, we become stuck in a situation without knowledge of how to escape from such. We only have hunches and gut feel, but still no certainty. However, that is what makes life exciting – not knowing what would happen next encourages the development of our cognitive and emotional capacity to life live in the moment.

Sometimes, it is best not to think in order to let go of our inhibitions. We have to learn how to overcome overthinking in order to pursue our quest for a life like no other. Though unexpected situations and events are always present in our daily life struggles, we must learn how to let go and expect the unexpected. Through this way, we will be able to see life in its entirety and enjoy every bit of it – with or without challenges.

More so, we will be able to enhance our innate curiosity, thus enable our selves to seek further than our comfort zones. We will be able to imbibe change and at the same time accept its possible consequences that would, in one way or another, contribute to our wellbeing.

Like NLP, it seeks to further improve the self into extending beyond its limits. In other words, it enables the self to grow and develop to be more than what any individual has imagined. The likes of NLP, being a self-improvement mechanism that rallies behind the self towards the path that one wants to be in, is indeed a big help.

To begin with, NLP enables the self to explore and be a risk-taker more than ever. It further allows the self to pursue what it wants and extend its scope even further. Through NLP, the self is able to see beyond the horizon and imagine what it might be like to live the life he has always wanted.

Thus, NLP is not only a self-improvement tool or process, but also and more so, an aid in the quest to live life accordingly.

Have you ever been in love? Did you feel like the world was at your feet ready to sweep you off at your command as butterflies fluttered all around? Was it a happy feeling or a bad one? Is the memory worth keeping or must it be eradicated from the subconscious?

Think about your most painful love story. Begin with the worst memory you have ever had. Imagine and reenact the scenario, relive the experience, and give out a loud sigh of relief after. Was the experience pleasant or not? Was the intensity the same as when it actually happened? Were feelings reignited or not?

Going back in time and reliving painful moments warrants an unexpected turn of events in life. It signifies your ability to face the past, and more often than not, face your fears. The journey back is one tough road to traverse, but it should be taken. As much as we want to forget, our subconscious enables us to visit the past and recall. And as painful as it is, it must be done to begin the process of recovery. Years may have passed, but for as long as the memory still resides in our subconscious, it is hard for us to just forget about everything in a snap.

With the help of Time Line Therapy®, letting go of the past is now possible. It is through Time Line Therapy® that the self will be able to administer and establish a connection with the subconscious. In doing such, the self will be able to let go and detach the self from the intensity of the past. In other words, it will become resilient and at the same time flexible to the changes that would occur.

In addition, Time Line Therapy® is able to help an individual embrace change and accept its possible consequences. An individual will be able to allow himself to be in a renewed position in order to adapt to the environment he is in. More so, Time Line Therapy® assures the self of the possibility of falling in love all over again.

Indeed, the cycle of life indicates a tremendous possibility of having to start all over again. In the case at bar, it is the idea of falling in love. It is the ability to forget about the past and love again. As they say, liberating the self unto the hands of time. In other words, it seeks to instill and establish the presence of hope in the self.

       To be able to fall in love again is one of the many mysteries of life. It seeks to encourage the renewal of the self, thus    elicit a more prepared and better self than before. It persuades the individual self to be available and open to whatever that 
                                       may come his way – whether good or bad because of Time Line Therapy®.

To be able to do what you want exceeds the notion of freedom. Although it entails freedom and liberation from the bondage that hinders us, it is actually more than that. It appertains to the ability of the inner self to surpass the bounds of the conscious and touch upon the external world. Yes, to express the self implicates a process that goes beyond the usual.

The conscious part of the brain holds the key to our quest for a life like no other. It allows us to act, react, and respond to the many encumbrances that we face in life each day. More so, it paves the way for us to be in sync with our lives, and at the same time, receptive to the possible consequences thereinafter. In other words, the conscious part of the brain allows us to be attentive to the world that we are in.

On the other hand, the subconscious part of our brain holds and stores the memories we have. It resembles a reservoir and a vault at the same time. It keeps all the records, files them, and organizes them to a tee. More so, the subconscious stores our most well kept secrets from the past that could either make or break us personally.

Lastly, the external world implies the world that we are in. Inclusive of the people we meet and would still meet, it appertains to the way we deal with others in relation to how we are to live our lives accordingly. The establishment of rapport, relationships, and the like enables the self to connect and form a bond with the world. Thus, enables us to fit in as individuals.

With the help of Time Line Therapy® or TLT for brevity, one becomes expressive of what he truly feels. More so, he is able to control himself and refrain from possible outbursts that could destroy and disrupt his way of life. The control that emanates from TLT is coupled with the discipline that we need to further nourish and develop the self. With control and discipline, life becomes bearable, tolerable, and conducive.

TLT enables the expression of the self. It implies a certain urge that provokes one to say what it is that he thinks is right according to his way of life. Yes, life should not be about others or how they react towards you, but rather, it is all about the development and nourishment of the self and doing the things that would empower your whole self.

                                                                  Do not be afraid to express how you truly feel.

           Instead, be motivated to speak your mind with ease. Let your thoughts flow and experience liberation from within.

Emotional distraught is one of the most common disturbances in our lives. We get physically drained, emotionally battered and intellectually paranoid as we try to escape the clutches of emotional distraught. We allow pain to seep in and destroy our life. However, it is through such an emotional journey that we learn to accept and take hold of control.

The likes of emotional binging and “me time” hoarding are examples of an escape goat. We tend to dissuade from reality and settle for temporary happiness. We opt to be momentarily blinded by ecstasy rather than take time to achieve permanent happiness. Yes, there are two (2) kinds of happiness, and more often than not, we settle for the former because we are too tired to explore the depths of our innate self and psyche. In other words, we like to take the short cut as compared to the long and winding road.

With the help of NLP, we are able to face our fears of the unknown. We are now able to go beyond our comfort zones and exude confidence as we face life as it is. In other words, we are ready, willing, and able to fight the battle at whatever costs.

NLP prepares us to be innately strong. It aids us to fight our own inhibitions and take lead of our curiosity. More so, it seeks to empower us in accordance with the understanding that would aid the self to develop even further. Indeed, NLP tackles the holistic self over and above other mechanisms of self-improvement.

Although it is not “bad” to resort to what we are used to in order to ease the pain or get right back on track, still one must be aware of the possible consequences that would await in the long run. Emotional binging could resort to ailing and failing health conditions; impulsive buying could result to a financial breakdown, while depression could take away your sanity.

It is then important to allow a certain degree of “breathing area” in our lives to enable the growth of the self. Let us not overly crave for temporary happiness, although inevitably impossible, let us be observant of how we live our lives the way we want it to be and be who we yearn for.

                      The quicker we realize the importance of hard work, patience, and control in our lives, the better.

                      Thus, do not drench yourself in temporary happiness. Instead, nourish and enrich your innate self
                                                                  and truly feel happiness from within. 

Making a difference in life could be understood as having and being your own personal hero. A hero that could help you breeze through life and encourage you to be the person you aspire for. It could also mean an acknowledgement of self-worth and value in relation to the need to develop and further nourish the self towards the life one yearns for.

The fact that we are thinking beings enables us to go beyond the depths of the self and realize the importance and significance of encouraging the self from within. Simply put, it promotes the development of the innate self in accordance with the external world. External world here connotes an understanding of the world beyond the self; outside the premises of the self. More so, it connotes the establishment of rapport with others.

The development of the self must emanate from within and not from external forces. It must be attuned with the goals and objectives one has set for the betterment of the self. More so, it is important to acknowledge the self in relation to its abilities to be in harmony with the psyche. Indeed, the psyche is a quintessential element of life. To be able to live the life you have always wanted, you have to satisfy and fulfill the psyche, innate, and external self.

Though it is imperative to relate the self with others, it is also important to recognize the capacity and ability of the self to be his or her own hero. Indeed, above and beyond everyone else, it should be the self that must be looked up to. Necessary growth will be allowed when confidence emanates from within. More so, with growth comes the awareness that each individual needs for complete well-being.

With the help of NLP, one is able to realize his strengths and strengthen his weaknesses to work in his favor. More so, NLP aims to reestablish the individuality of the self with respect to his relationship with others. It aids him towards the achievement of his goals in preparation for his external debut. External debut here appertains to the act of imparting a part of the self to another. This does not entirely refer to loving and being loved in return, but more so to establishing relationships.

  Thus, the realization of the self could only be appreciated if and only if you are able to recognize your very being.  
        It pertains to the awareness from within that, in return, enables the self to function as one entire being. 

To live in an imperfect world implies the recognition of absoluteness. By absoluteness it connotes a deeper sense of acceptance of the imperfectness of the world and of the self per se. To warrant the acceptance of such entails an innate understanding of the innate self. Yes, everything boils down to the self –whether we like it or not.

In this day and age, we clamor for the acknowledgement of the world and all else in it. We aspire to be somebody amidst the many nobodies that surround and influence us. We opt to belong and feel “like them” rather than exude our own individuality.

We are uniquely different and distinct from the rest. We overemphasize on the need to belong and be accepted by others that we gamble on our own enrichment. Although detrimental to the self, we still choose to act, think, and feel like the rest without giving due credence to our own capacity to intellectually and emotionally ponder on the veracity of life per se.

With the help of NLP, we are able to discover the intensity of life and give our lives an entirely different meaning. We become intellectually and emotionally attached that it permits us to live the life we have always wanted in accordance with our goals and objectives in life. Yes, NLP helps us realign our lives and follow the path to righteousness. Do not get me wrong, there is no perfect or right life, but we have our own preference for a life that is right for our nourishment and development.

That’s what makes NLP a superb self-improvement tool. It seeks to help one guide himself towards the attainment and fulfillment of his life. More so, it exemplifies that one need not worry too much regarding the feeling of belonging as it is much more important to help himself be who he really is in order to belong. Indeed, a developed self paves the way for one to establish rapport with others. In short, despite a perfectly imperfect world, NLP helps one make perfect moments in his life.

Do not be misled by the notion of NLP being a superb tool. It is just a mechanism that helps enhance the self; however, the self must do all the work. It must be ready to acknowledge the change, and at the same time embrace it in his life. With such a parameter, it would be easier for an individual to perform at par with his goals and objectives and more so, connect with others.

                                                                   Thus, decide, act, and own it. 
                       Be not afraid of change and let NLP guide you towards the life you have always wanted.

Who am I? Am I who I think I am or who others describe me to be? 

Questions, one after another, keep haunting me as I age and mature; I have been keen on answering them one by one, but to no avail. I always end up with another question that seems to be more in-depth than the previous. I say to myself to have the patience and the perseverance to overcome such confusion, but more often than not, I end up frustrated, as I cannot take the propensity of life and its many surprises.

To give up would be much easier than to hold on, but that would make me throw my life out the window without a fight. Do not judge me. I know I have my own timeline and clock to mind, but with all the predisposed notions of the world, I tend to lose hope and end up bothered all the more.  

I am me. This is me; and when I say this is me, it implies an understanding that invokes the connotation of an individual that is capable of intellectual and emotional understanding of the self, the world, and of others. In other words, I have the ability to comprehend all that is around me.

To be judged implies both an assumption and a presumption. It concludes on premises that are incomplete and incoherent. More so, it is much like basing all hypotheses on the façade alone, without having dissected the structure itself.

People from all walks of life are prone to judging others. They base their arguments on what they primarily sense and not of the wholeness of the picture. In other words, it is primarily based on the details that could either be true or false. Whatever it may be, it is still not enough because You do not know the truth.

The truth lies within. It does not exude or flaunt itself in public. What it does is it urges the psyche and the self to be in tune with each other in relation to its quest for a better life. No matter how hard it is to be “you” or to be an individual, it is but right and proper to do so than be trapped in your own cage for the rest of your life.

Though it’s hard to go against societal dictates, be carefree enough to be “you” and express yourself without hesitation. Let go of perceptions and notions of others; believe in your own capacity; and have the life you have always wanted. Like Neuro Linguistic Programming, it aims to help one comprehend the intensity of the world without having to disrupt the way life is. In other words, it aids one in the quest for a better life, one that is free from negativity. More so, Neuro Linguistic Programming seeks to empower an individual to develop and transform into the person he has always wanted to be through internal and external interpretation of the world.

Admit it; negative comments affect your life in general. You get irked by notions from others because you want them to know that what they think and know of is not the truth. However, is it necessary to explain yourself? Do you owe anybody an explanation regarding who you really are? Think about it.


Falling in love is as certain as uncertainty itself; it could never be deciphered nor fathomed, as it is indefinable. More often than not, we define and evaluate the meaning of love through the intensity of the experiences we have undergone. The moment we feel elated, we say love is about being happy with the person we are with, while on the contrary, we despise and curse it when we get hurt. No matter how we see it, we would always have a unique take on love per se. 

They say ‘care less and you’ll end up happier”; however, is it applicable in love? Would it justify our curiosity to understand love and its effects on us? More so, would we be able to understand and comprehend love when we care less about it? 

Different answers and notions warrant our inquiry on what love really is. Not to invoke a negative notion to disable the quest to realize what love really is, but one question could warrant another question rather than an answer. That is how life is -- and love too; we ask without having the certainty of an answer.

If I care less, would I really be happier? Is there an assurance to such a notion? Given the uncertainty of events, I may not have the result that I want. I would end up more confused, thus more prone to regret the beauty of loving because I would then be too caught up in my understanding of love. Simply put, I would not be able to enjoy the ride because it is already raining on my parade.

On the other hand, if I were to care more for love, I would end up expecting and being devastated at the same time. I would not know what to expect (though that is what life is all about), thus I would be vulnerable to pain and hurt. However, it is said that to not expect means to have a greater shot at the life you have always wanted. It is like discovering life all over again.

To care less or to care more are both of different extremes, and thus warrant a tremendous disparity of consequences or effects. The way it affects life is like fuel – it could take you where you want to be or have you stuck in the freeway for all you know. It could be effective and destructive at the same time.

With the help of Neuro Linguistic Programming or NLP for brevity, one could take either path and still have the best life. Best life here appertains to a life that is not perfectly perfect, but close to the perfect life one aims to have. In other words, it is the life that he has planned for -- the life that he has always wanted to live. More so, it seeks to empower the psyche of the ability to perceive life in a way that would enable him to develop and nourish the self from within. This is an inevitable aspect of life, as it helps one to be the person that he has always wanted to be.

               Thus, do not worry when you become affected by the intensity lf love – it is but human to be. 
                Enhance and improve the self more than ever and be ready to take on life’s many surprises.

I am not afraid to take a stand! This should be our mantra, our main motivating factor in further developing our lives. We may not always be in tune with our psyche, intellect, emotions, and inner self, but it does not indicate any degree of loss on our end. In other words, the very fact that we exist and are breathing makes us less vulnerable to falling out. 

Falling out, or breaking down, should not prevail upon our existence. It may affect us to an extent, but not entirely. Simply put, we must not be overpowered by our inability to decipher a situation outright. We must not be judged just because we cannot think in a snap, but rather we must be given the benefit of the doubt with respect to our ability to comprehend.  

Just like a staircase, we have a long and winding search for the self. It is not something that stares us boldly in the face, but rather it must be sought for – a relatively tedious and lengthy quest, but nonetheless worthy of undertaking. Through such we will be able to make a stand and imply the justification that we need to prove, not to others, but to ourselves the raison d’être of our existence. 

Though we need not justify the reason why we do such or understand and interpret a particular piece of information in a particular way, we need to assure our own selves of our capability to exemplify both our emotional and intellectual ability to live the life we have always wanted. More so, through such provocation of the self, we become able to discover and rediscover our self in relevance to furthering the life that we already have. 

Neuro Linguistic Programming, NLP for brevity, aims to develop, shape, and mold the self into the very person we want to be. NLP seeks to empower the self by programming our intellect and linguistic skills to help us be who we want to be. In other words, NLP as a tool enables the innate self to be nourished, developed, and satisfied in accordance with life in general. 

The justification that we seek for could be inferred through Neuro Linguistic Programming. It resembles a light at the end of the tunnel, as it invokes the self to move further forward and seek the light. In other words, the light represents the hope that we all need in our lives, which would then help us be in tune with the world we are in. Simply put, Neuro Linguistic Programming exemplifies and urges the self to be aware of the world –both in details and in its entirety. 

Therefore, just because we cannot linguistically express our opinions or ideas does not mean we are inferior to the rest. It only shows how careful we are with reference to the way we think, express, and understand a particular life situation.