Admit it, you crave for attention as much you would want to be noticed. You delve into the depths of the unknown and seek to be an island amidst the many others in the society but, in reality, you want to be the center of everybody’s attention.

With NLP trainings, you learn to balance yourself and that of your whims. You are able to learn how to empower your holistic self and in the process, experience a life like no other. The moment you let insecurities and envy take control over your life, you become distracted and thus, end up sulking over spilled milk than enjoying the life that you have.

Becoming your own monster is as inevitable as becoming better than the best that you could ever be. More than the façade, you dwell unto your negativity and let it control you. Indeed, this has been the case for most of us. However, with our ability to transform and consciously convert the buildup of negativity in the self, we are able to see beyond the obvious and imbibe the positivity that we truly need.

The inevitable ability to let go enables the self to be focused and controlling of his life. Not to warrant a negative postulate but as much as the self is capable of overcoming hindrances and limitations, it too is prone to becoming stuck and unable to move on. To stagnate the self implies a self that is not ready to be all that it could ever be. In short, a self that is destructive enough to forego opportunities and regret right before it hits rock bottom.

They say mystery is the becoming of life. Yes, this is true but still, it is the unveiling of the mystery (of life) that matters most. At the end of the day, a self that is full of uncertainties could and would harm the development of the holistic self. Bear in mind that it is both the innate and external self that must be developed and not just either of the two.

A well-maintained and balanced life sets the phase for a life like no other. Living accordingly becomes possible and so is the ability of the self to surpass possible stagnation. With specifically designed NLP trainings, aimed at maintaining balance in the holistic self, the individual becomes aware of his goals and objectives in life without having to worry about the possibility of slumping or even the possibility of mistakes to overrule his life.

Yes, the self must at all times be ready of the impending wave of mystery. However, as much as we want to be, we are always under attack – constantly under attack—without us being aware of it. Be it us being our own monsters and destroying the life we have or contributing to the derangement of another’s life, does not matter. Let us be one with ourselves and aim for further development – maintained developed at that. 

Mistakes play an integral part in the development of the self. It speaks of the ability of the individual to admit to his own flaws, in the process, confront that which makes him brittle, and recognize his own weaknesses to be able to transform them into his strengths. Yes, life is a vicious cycle of transformation that without the presence of mistakes would render it moot and academic.

With an NLP empowered self, life becomes that which we have always wanted it to be. To say such implies that we are able to be who we are and at the same time, live the life that we have always wanted. In other words, we become engrossed with the fact of life that we end up beautifying it instead
of letting our mistakes get its toll on us.

Basically, we are individuals capable of committing mistakes and at the same time, overcoming them. Be it because of our intelligence or emotions, we are able to surpass the unbecoming of the self by allowing it to grow with the presence of mistakes. Negatively perceived and understood, mistakes are not all that we know of.

Admittedly, there is that certain goodness in mistakes that enables the self to develop and grow at the same time. Intrigued? Well, basically, the presence of mistakes in the self permits the self to realize and recognize on the reality of the reality itself. It speaks of the ability of the self to admit to his weaknesses and convert them into his strengths. Not to imply the need to forego of the negativity but , as much as possible, the self needs to release such to be able to live harmoniously and accordingly.

The transformation is one of the most difficult tasks one shall overcome. The moment there is admittance, the self allows for change to seep in and basically, take control over his life. The exemplary ability of the self to realize his mistakes implies that he is ready for change and all the possible consequences that come with it. Yes, there is that underlying fear of the unknown thus; there is also that fear of change. Nonetheless, it is not of change that we are afraid of but instead of the disruption in our lives that might take place. In other words, there is already that preconceived notion that surrounds both our conscious and unconscious minds that blocks off the possibility of change to contribute to our welfare.

The way NLP helps the self exemplifies the idea of having a life that is with fear but is ready to let change make its presence felt. In short, NLP allows growth and development in the holistic self thus it is able to withstand any possible changes to occur.

Do this: Look for a full-sized mirror and examine your own reflection. Do you recognize the person looking back at you or not? Do you see any differences? Or is it all the same?

Do you recognize yourself from before or are you a renewed version of yourself? Renewed here connotes a more advanced version of a thing, and in this case, your own self. Have you improved for the best or the contrary?


What do you see? The reflection you see primarily deals with your physical appearance. Weight gain or the formation of a zit on your face could be observed immediately. What you normally do not see, you are not bothered with. However, in the case at bar, your innate self could never be reflected in the mirror. It deals with the internal self, and thus connotes a more personal feel to it.

The innate self could never be seen; others may feel it, just as well as you could.Yes, others’inputs regarding yourself act as the best and only way to realize who you are. Not that you are not fully capable of comprehending your own self, but more often than not, youmaintain a considerable distance with respect tothe dissection of your innate self.

Although acceptable, this should not be the case. It should not be dependent upon what others see and observe of you, but rather the realization and observation must come from within. The innate self must be understood in order to relate with and to others. In other words, an adequate definition of the self must first come from within.

To say the least, you need to understand your self in order to understand how others understand you. Simply put, a well-nourished and developed self shall be the prevailing factor in relation to personal growth. It should emanate from within and not from the outside; if that the latter should take place, you would be blinded and dependent on others’ opinions on how to live your life.

What lies beneath?The more you look at your reflection, the more you become curious of what lies beneath your façade. Are you genuinely happy or emotionally disturbed? Does your smile give justice to your innate feelings or not?

The more you think, the more you wander off and trail along a line of questions that are solely related to your well being. You wonder if that smile represents something or if the glint in your eyes means anything significant. Curiosity seeps in and attacks you right when you least expect it. Although you want to know the answer, you are bombarded with more questions than ever before.

You wish to stop, but your reflection stares back at you with a haunting look of dismay that troubles you as you try not to think about it. Indeed, you question who you really are. You ask yourself if you know that person staring back at you.

Neuro Linguistic Programming

With the help of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), you will be able to understand who you really are. It gives due importance to the totality of the individual. It aims to dissect the self, or in other words, it seeks to inculcate and develop the self in a holistic manner.

Neuro Linguistic Programming does not only deal with the self, but more so, it exudes a certain degree of certainty outward of the self. Simply put, it can help you strike a balance in your life in general that will permit you to be the person that you have always wanted to be.

No matter what you see in your reflection, what matters most is that you know yourself from within. Be independent from what you see in the mirror and be in touch with your innate well being.

Making your way to the top involves a task so great; the mere thought of it could make you dizzy. It could cloud your cognitive reasoning, as you foresee yourself already at the top. Although it is good to be future-oriented, it is still scary, as it makes you forget about the details and focus solely on the result.

Though the aforementioned warrants an argument, when given adequate consideration, you will realize that it is true. It speaks of how we always like to count the chicks even before the eggs hatch. In other words, we like to feel triumphant even before taking the first step.

Subjectively speaking, I see nothing wrong with expecting; however, from experience, it is best to expect the unexpected in so far as feelings and rationality are concerned. Since life is as unpredictable as the weather, it is only proper to annihilate the thought of carrying your own dais and hailing yourself before you even consider being on your way to the top. 

Indeed, the first step is always the hardest; however, once you take the plunge and feel the temperature of the water, it could and would just be an easy climb. In other words, be not afraid to pay attention to details in relation to your quest. Accept the fact that before everything becomes certain, you still have to experience the uncertainty of the certainty.

Life is a matter of choice. It is full of winding paths, numerous options, and other unnerving ways that create chaos in the self. To doubt is but an imperative factor of life, and as such, it is unavoidable. However, that could be countered and defeated. Indeed, with the help of Time Line Therapy®, avoiding the pitfalls of life could be accomplished—though not entirely, it is possible. And that is what makes Time Line Therapy® unique from the rest. It provokes one to make a choice, live it, and eventually forget it.

I am my own choice. My choices define my personality, thus exemplify my being. Whatever path, choice, or option I take is of my own doing. It is a cumulative effort coupled with intuition of the innate self that make my choices a definition of my being. Thus, whatever I end up with is my own and nobody else’s.  I must own it and face the music without doubt. Because the moment I do, I not only doubt my choices, but my very being as well.

With the aid of Time Line Therapy®, I am now able to realize my self-worth, which will result in me living the life I have always wanted. Therefore, I can say that I own my life.

To fail warrants an experience that is unbearably painful it could turn your world upside down – literally. Whenever you fail or commit a wrong, you associate it immediately with a negative connotation that is destructive enough to stagnate you and put you in a slump. Simply put, because of such, you deliberately let yourself be engulfed by the situation and forget about the other side of the coin.

For most, failure is an unavoidable life event, while others see it as a threat. Indeed, it is an inevitable experience that could not be avoided, but could be defeated. Now the question is, how do you turn the tables on failure?

First, face it. Accept its presence, imbibe it in your system, and before it creates a void in your life, spit it out. Get into the whole experience and realize whom you are. Take failure in a constructive way and not the other way around. Although seemingly impossible, it is possible with the help of Time Line Therapy®. With its uniquely designed techniques that core upon your wellbeing, it could help you gain momentum in life, thus permit you to live a better life – even in the presence of failure.

Second, accept the consequences. Face it; whatever choice you make or option you choose, there would always be consequences of different degrees that could affect the way you live your life. Most of us would say, “choose intellectually” while others would quip, “follow your heart”. Indeed, there is no one foolproof way to avoid failure, thus whatever choice you make, accept that there would be consequences. Do not let impending consequences scare you; instead, recognize them and learn from them so that you would not have to repeat what you have done.

Third, learn from the experience. Imbibe the experience up to a certain degree.  Enrich your life by understanding the situation and eventually discover the “magic” behind it. Encourage your innate self withthe lessons of such experiences and learn from them. With the help of Time Line Therapy®, you would be able to shed a different light upon the whole situation, thus rediscover who you are. More so, it could help you get on the path that you really want in order to fulfill your goals and objectives in life.

Fourth, forget about what happened. After all is said and done, let go. Do not dwell on the past; instead, look forward to your present and foresee your future. Time Line Therapy® can make you realize the importance of letting go in so far as relieving yourself of the burden. To be able to do such would enable you to be in sync with your life now and you may live life with ease, rather than become stagnated in your past.

Fifth, live life to the fullest. Indeed, all of us have experienced failure in our lives. Stand up and dance the music of life. Do not let failure ruin and disrupt the way you live your life. If you do, then you would be stuck in an uncomfortable situation that would make your life unworthy of living. Let Time Line Therapy® guide you towards the right path – your right path.

Therefore, do not let your fear of the unknown defeat you. Instead, embrace it, exude your innate greatness, and defeat your self-created fear.

Ever wondered how you can be the person you have always wanted to be? Being able to fully express how and what you really feel without having to worry about how others would react? If yes, then you might want to consider what are written here.

Neuro Linguistic Programming

Neuro Linguistic Programming or NLP for brevity is a powerful tool that empowers the self from within. It seeks to fulfill one’s curiosity through experience (or the act of trying things out).  Able to acknowledge an individual’s ability to cultivate the self, NLP further allows the development we need in order to live the lives we have always wanted. Moreover, NLP enables the self to be both adaptive and reactive to the environment that the individual is submerged in.  Thus, creating invaluable rapport with the self, others, and the world all at once.

NLP is more than self-enhancement or self-improvement; primarily it is directed to create change within the self. In other words, it aims to help an individual cope with the certainty of change and the uncertainty of life itself. 

Remember that change and life could be juxtaposed as the quintessential requirements in enabling the development of the self above all. Nonetheless, the reason behind this lies in the assumption that the self needs to be at par with its goals and objectives in relation to both an individual’s personal and professional growth and development. In other words,NLP aims to insinuate the need to embrace changes in life in order to attain the life that has always been wanted.

NLP Training

Being that NLP serves as more than a mechanism, it directly affects the way the individual intellectually and linguistically functions. In other words, it seeks to establish a certain degree of connection between the two in relevance to the search for a happy life ahead. Simply put, NLP wants to impart the thought that life is a big ball of positivity that is ready to burst and affect the way an individual lives his life.

Through trainings and seminars specifically designed to cater to the need to empower the psyche and the innate self, NLP could now be taught and learned by individuals who seek to have the lives they have always wanted. NLP trainings and seminars allow participants to enjoy NLP and its many life-changing benefits in a matter of days. More so, it seeks to establish upon the individual that life is more than its façade and encumbrances; that it is one imperfectly perfect journey that could be as perfect as it could ever be.

The Self

It is important to understand the reason behind the discovery of NLP. It does not aim to just impose change upon an individual, but rather NLP aims to establish a certain degree of confidence in the self in relation to the fulfillment and satisfaction of the life that the individual has always wanted.  With this said, it is to be understood in a manner that is reflective of the way an individual seeks for the betterment and development of his life.

NLP shall not be taken in the context of altering the way an individual lives his life, but rather it deals with the cordial improvement of the self through a process that would inherently allow nourishment to seep in (the self).

Thus, be not afraid of change and its impending consequences. Be your own boss and let NLP show you how.

My life is a battlefield, a constant rage between giving in to temptation and maintaining my ideal weight. Yes, I am talking about food and its many effects on my life.

Though we all need food to live, we also have to keep conscious about the amount and proper portioning that we should observe in order to be fit. To be fit here does not necessarily imply bulging muscles and a six-pack, but rather the ideal weight that we should maintain according to our body mass index and height. Yes, everything has its placein our individual battles with food.

Do not get me wrong; I love to eat. I eat what I want when I want, but I keep watch of the amount of food I take. Indeed, there are days when I would over binge and eat without a care in the world. I do that and I am not one to counter that. I feel liberated with each bite and gastronomically satisfied the moment the food hits my palate. I am invigorated by the smell and sight,and at the same time intoxicated once the flavor explodes in my mouth. It feels like heaven with every bite; that is what makes it hard to overcome.

Gastronomical Rendezvous

Once the flavor stimulates my senses, I relax and forget about my quest to battle my urge to not overeat. Yes, at times, it is hard for me to put the fork down and say no to food. It is not like I deprive myself, but I have to eat in order for me to feel satisfied; however, I have to control my urges and that is when life, for me, becomes a battlefield.

You see; I tryto experience satisfaction without having to feel bad after. Well, maybe not every time, but more often than not, I give in and tell myself that it’s alright – I do not need to feel regretful because I did what I did in order to fulfill my needs. And such satisfied my innate self.

It is but inevitable to satisfy the innate self more than ever, as it is where the foundations for our lives emanate. It invokes a certain degree of authority over our psyche and self in general, as it seeks to develop the self according to how we see it. In other words, the innate self is our own blueprint that enables us to mold our lives accordingly.

NLP and food

NLP allows the furthering of the self through satisfying the curiosity we have by letting us try to explore the possibility of its results. In other words, it enables us to discover the depths of what we are after throughsatisfying our own curiosity.

More so, NLP helps me get over the feeling of remorse or emptiness that comes after eating. In other words, it makes me feel satisfied and burping with goodness after a meal. Though NLP does not encourage over doing things, it also does not hinder me from doing the things I want. Simply put, it encourages me to do what I must, with the understanding that everything is for the development and nourishment of my innate self.

The importance of the innate self encapsulates our very being. It paves the way for us to be in tune with our life goals and objectives that we may be able to live the lives we have always wanted. Furthermore, being able to satisfy the self promotes and imparts positivity upon the self in general. Thus, warranting the capability of the individual to achieve what he wants in life – and more.


Thus, next time you feel like eating, do so and own it. You may have to watch your weight, but remember, the satisfaction and fulfillment of the innate self is more important than your weight. Eat if you must and enjoy life with every bite.

Whenever you are eating or cooking a meal, do not fret or worry about your calorie intake; rather, feel the build-up of gusto and munch on your every bite. Live, love, and eat!

Getting along with others is but one inevitable mountain to climb. Tough as cement, it could either be drilled through or not. Like it is in the real world, we have our moments of seeking for holes where we could fit in and blend. We aim to belong and feel belongingness, as we want to build and establish a certain degree of rapport with others in order to better our lives.

Being in a crowd exudes a certain degree of longing to participate in the conversation or be in tune with the flow of things. In other words, the longing goes beyond being “in the scene”, but more so being able to connect with the rest.

Take the instance of an office scenario – working eight (8) hours a day, trying to get all tasks done and at the same time, building rapport with your co-workers. More so, having to deal with uncooperative schedules and disruptions that throw you off-track.

For most people, Monday is not always a good day. Not to imply negativity in Monday, but more often than not, Monday brings forth stress and chaos upon the self. While others may argue the opposite, most people would agree on the intense strain Monday puts on their lives. The impact is unbearably difficult to hold by the neck.

Good news, bad news, who knows!

There is uncertainty even in the certainty of life. Indeed, change is afflictive up to the slightest detail that we have. We depend on the roll of the dice and take off without having to ponder on the intensity of our actions and would-be actions. In other words, we are not concerned with the consequences, and we tend to focus only on the end result.

However, because of uncertainty, we have an unpredictable outlook in life – and this should be the case. We should be open and ready to accept all that life has to offer. Do not let one Monday ruin your entire week and affect your weekend; instead, take it in a constructive manner and motivate your self to turn your life around. Thus, do not dwell on the negativity of Monday; instead, find ways to make it positive.

Live, love and let loose on a Monday!

Most of us hate Monday. We see it as a distraction to our weekend and a disturbance to both our emotional and physical state. In other words, we already have a preconceived notion of Monday without having tried to live it accordingly. Simply put, we let Monday rule over us – and this should not be the case.

Live accordingly and love what life offers without hesitation. Do not let Monday dictate your life; instead, take control of Monday and let it be your motivation. Develop your life one step at a time – or one day at a time and be happy. Remember, Mondays pass, but your life keeps on moving forward.


Life is full of expectations. It is neither determined nor certain; it is full of surprises that enable life to be more exciting than yesterday. Let life be your motivation. Let it be your guiding principle, and do not let Monday ruin your life for you. It is just a day – any usual day that is like any other. May it bring a positive result or not, that is what life is all about.


Time Line Therapy®

One of the best ways to let go and gain emotional control over your life is through the techniques of Time Line Therapy®. It aims to help an individual be who he wants to be by having a life that is balanced and relevant to his life goals and objectives. More so, it aids an individual to satisfy his aspirations without having to disrupt the way he lives his life.

Furthermore, it enables man to be responsive to his needs. In the case at bar, it enables him to control Monday instead of the contrary. It would make it easier for one to be on track and do what he has to do – keep things in perspective according to the life he has always wanted.

Time Line Therapy® is not a foolproof plan to get rid of your unwanted feelings towards Monday. Rather, it would help you gain a better perspective in life—in the soonest possible time.

Everything happens for a reason – even if the reason is unknown – still it is with reason. Making assumptions and conclusions of the world disables the self of the many opportunities that he is capable of experiencing. Yes, with experience comes the sought for lessons in life that enables the self to grow and develop as he age and mature.

Undeniably, time plays a big role in the fulfillment of one’s very being. To say big implies a holistic characteristic that could be mistaken for the presence of change in the self. Again, like change, time is as unpredictable as change itself. They say it works in a pattern but as one tries to keep up with it, anomalies and circumstances tend to prevent one in ticking together with the hands of time. As reasonable as we could ever be, we can never keep up with time. It is a waterloo – we know that to be true – but still we aim to keep up with it.

Life must be dealt with like time. one must not stop to smell the roses that long or he would end up losing precious moments. Although it is not the days or the time that counts, still, it should not be wasted as like a piece of candy wrapper thrown into the bin after use. It should be pondered and nourished so as to help in its development – avoiding stagnation all together.

With the likes of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Time Line Therapy®, I am able to realize on the benefits of change in the self – positive and negative at that. Although rendered as self-improvement methods, both NLP and Time Line Therapy® could verily help in the admission of truth in the self. To say truth implies a positive connotation of the advancement of life per se.

Adhering to personal development emphasizes on the ability of the self to transform negative vibes into positive that could be utilized by the self in relation to his goals and objectives in life. Although it takes more than a trial and error method, pursuing one’s needs implies a self that is  innately empowered and externally prepared to take on the world.

As reasonable as we are, we could also be blinded and deceived by lies. Bear in mind that we are cognitively charged beings thus we are able to let go of deception and eventually process life accordingly. Therefore, if there is deception, let go and think of it in the opposite – make use of your ability to transform the negative into positive.

I am in vain. I would like to believe I am not but as far as truth is concerned, I am in vain. I want to get out of this loop and see the world beyond but something keeps holding me back. Is it a force? I do not know as all I know is that, I need to get out and experience living beyond my limitations.

I know and accept that I am limited. I may not know what would happen next but I know that, whatever it might be, I would be able to surpass it. I am not all limited as I know that I can work with my limitations – and I have. My existence and my life is my proof.

Beyond words, I know I contribute to my own misery. I am my own patient and doctor. In short, I baked a cake and ate it too. That is why my misery could be juxtaposed only to my own doing and nobody else’s.

Responsibility is what life is all about. As beings, we are taught to be responsible thus the need to keep abreast with our development. To do so ensures that we are able to live the life that we have always wanted and more so keep phase with the way we live our lives. In other words, we are able to see life unfold before us according to our preference.

Normally, we rely on what is set before us. We are too afraid to see beyond the horizon and embrace the unknown. For us, responsibility becomes greater when we see beyond the normal. As much as we are adventure seekers, we too have that ability to let go of opportunities and regret at the same time. We overvalue regret that it tends to become an integral part of our lives.

With Time Line Therapy®, we are able to control our emotions and at the same time, ourselves in relation to the degree of responsibility we want to experience. Although responsibility enables us to move on, still control contributes to how we understand responsibility and moving on. We adhere to the possibility of control thus allowing us to take responsibility over matters that are important in our lives.

Time Line Therapy® focuses on the development of the self in relation to gaining emotional stability. To say the least, it is emotional stability that gives forth strength to the self in order to face life’s many challenges. Control enables the advancement of the self and more so, it allows the self to let go of what is hindering him. With Time Line Therapy® and its techniques, the self is assured of a self that is more than he has ever imagined.

Although responsibility is subjective, let Time Line Therapy® help you in discovering how to maximize your ability to control and be responsible at the same time.