What is a loss? Does it refer solely to a thing or a person? Is it universal or unilateral in understanding? How is one expected to understand the meaning of a loss?

To admit a loss or to experience a loss warrants a powerful emotion from any individual. The feeling of loss equates to the feeling of resentment and remorse on life per se. To justify such could mean digging into the profundity of the great tunnel we are in.  We seek for hope, a beacon of light amidst the darkness.

Indeed, there is hope. There would always be hope. Life and hope could be juxtaposed like the moon and the sun that make up our every day.  Hope here acts as the main motivating factor that drives and steers life towards the right path – right path symbolizes the goals and objectives we have set in relevance to the betterment of our lives. Moreover, the best way to attain such is through control.

To gain control over our lives could also mean to gain emotional control. To do such indicates a powerful urge within the self to develop and accept the prevailing encumbrances that constitutes life itself. In other words, though life is made up of challenges, trials, and moments that could either make or break the self, it is through such that we learn, discover, and embrace discipline within our selves.

Time Line Therapy® is one of the best ways to equip the self of the control that it needs.  Composed of powerful techniques specifically designed towards gaining emotional stability, it further aims to enable the self to let go of past forgotten events that are regarded burdensome. To say the least, it appertains to the idea that the subconscious, being the storage area of the brain, is already full and needs to be unloaded.

Performing the impeccable task of unloading the subconscious means that one is willing to forego and let go part of his past and at the same time move on. He is then ready to face the present with little reference to his past. Thus, he is able to live his present accordingly, and foresee and design his future without any hint of doubt.

Although Time Line Therapy® is regarded as a powerful set of techniques, it shall not be understood as the end-all and be-all of gaining control and letting go of the past. It must always be in reference to the gusto or drive of any individual, whether he is willing to imbibe the techniques and apply it to his life or not. The decision is still up to him, and thus the result is dependent upon his intention.

Therefore, just because you have experienced a loss means does not mean you are to give up on life just like that. It should be understood in the context of self-acceptance. As they say, if you were brave enough to say “good bye”, then you would be rewarded with a new “hello”. 

Life is the sum of all the choices you make. It is not past, present, or even future dependent; it is a sum that constitutes the totality of your decisions and choices in life. More so, it is the product of spatiality that exemplifies the infinity of life.

Life is a continuous journey, so much so that not even death could halt it. Though death is seen and understood as an end, it is still possible to grow even when you are six feet under the ground. Your grave may be a sealed in concrete, but it could also be your gateway to a flourished life even in the beyond.

Leaving a legacy is what we are all after. We want to exemplify the life that we have lived even if we become no longer physically present in the world. What we do while we are still alive is reflective of how we have lived our lives in the past, and at the same time, how we want to be remembered in the future. Simply put, we have already written our own obituary beginning the day we were born.

What have transpired could never be repeated. Indeed, such is true, but it could be corrected. With the help of specially designed programs and trainings, we could learn how to part ways with what we have done wrong and improve it to our advantage. To work things out is how we are to interpret life and our days ahead. We cannot dwell on the past, regret in the present, and waste the future. We should be at par with the boundaries we have set, thus permit our selves to be the persons we have always wanted to be.

Time Line Therapy® is a set of techniques directed towards the accomplishment of our goals and objectives in life. It is designed towards the realization of the life we have always yearned for. More so, it deals with gaining control over our emotions, thus enabling us to be in tune with how our emotions work. Furthermore, if we have emotional control, we can also manage and organize our intellectual capacity in relation to how we may better comprehend the world.

Perceptions may cause disturbances in our lives, but at the end of the day, what matters most is that we are able to correct our notions and live accordingly. Not to connote deviancy from the self, but it would be best if we become able to relate our empowered innate self to the world that we live in.

                                               Be not afraid of change and what it could do to your life. 
                    Let time Line Therapy® show you how and guide you towards the right path – your right path. 

“All I want is someone to stay, no matter how hard it is to be with me.

I seek for someone who would be able to put up with my qualms, yearnings, and cravings; someone who is as keen and adept as I am in terms of living an adventurous life like no other. In other words, 

I want someone who is similarly different from me.”

Yes, seeking is not dependent or limited only to the self. It goes beyond the self, as it lurks into the depths of the life of another. Looking for a similarly different individual is as hard as finding a pellet in a room full of shoes. An unlikely comparison, but it exemplifies what a similarly different notion of another is. However, it is possible. In life, everything is possible.

Being paired with another being is like finding a gem in the desert. Again, it seems like an unlikely occurrence, but it is possible. The reason we seek for other people to become a part of our lives is because we want to fill in our void of incompleteness. That is speaking from a subjective perspective, but in a nutshell, that is how others see their lives too—being able to complement each other in relation to having the life that has always been wanted. Take the instance of friends; different characteristics, but bounded by a single aim: to realize the fulfillment of the self.

Time Line Therapy® is a set of techniques that cores upon the idea that there is a need to gain control over our emotions. In other words, emotional stability is but one of life’s quintessential requirements in further developing the self both inside and out.

With the help of Time Line Therapy®, we will be able to develop the self by letting go of the past. The raison d’être behind such is the need to establish a self that is a by-product of the past, present, and the future—never solely dependent on one time line. Simply put, Time Line Therapy® aims to us be individual persons not only for our own selves, but also for others.

To be able to share a part of our lives enables us to be open, and thus able to allow foreign matters such as external forces, to meddle with our lives. External forces dwell upon the idea of having to deal with the lives of others. In other words, we would also be entertaining questions and emotions about another individual aside from our own complicated selves.

Though irrationally rational, it is also best to enable our own selves to meddle with others because, through such, we will be able to figure out how the machinery of life works. In other words, we would realize how life really is from the perspective of another--a give and take relationship that results in further development of the self.

                      Thus, we must let Time Line Therapy® help us look for our imperfectly perfect match

“I am what I am. Cliché, yes, but it speaks of who I really am. Though I cannot truly decipher and grasp my entirety, I know that the real me lies beyond my façade. It is as deeply rooted as a century old tree and as vast as the ocean, but I believe that I am in the position to know who I really am.”

Questions appertaining to your being can sometimes make you think long and hard before you become able to answer. This connotes that you are trying to get a feel and internalize your very existence, thus the thinking period ensues.

According to some, painful experiences and failures define who you are. Through such undertakings, you become more than you could ever have imagined yourself to be. More so, the feeling of defeat or regret makes it easier for you to express your innate self and status as opposed to happy moments. Maybe because painful experiences are easier to remember or that through the hardships and encumbrances you face, you realize who you really are. 

Different methods, processes, tools and programs have been designed to address the need to get to better know your self. In accordance with such, the likes of Time Line Therapy® can enable you to be in touch with your self in an innate manner. Simply put, it speaks of your ability to comprehend your self much deeper than before.

As a tool, Time Line Therapy® is an informative set of techniques that caters to the need to have a life that is free from encumbrances. It aims to aid you to learn how to grasp life and accept all the mysteries behind it, despite the imperative impossibility to completely diminish the number of encumbrances and unexpected meetings with failure.

To be able to avoid encumbrances warrants an understanding that life could be lived the way you want it to be. Although you are essentially your life’s slave, you can learn how to forego unexpected circumstances and rediscover life in a completely new light. Simply put, Time Line Therapy® can pave the way for a life that is worthy of cognition and being lived up to the end.

      Therefore, let Time Line Therapy® help you get back on track and gain control, not only of your emotions,but  
    also of life in general. Be the person you have always wanted and envisioned to be and never look back. Forget  
            about regret and establish the life you have always wanted with the help of Time Line Therapy®

“Out in the night that shadows me, I feel the darkness creeping up at my back. The more I seek for refuge, the more it lingers on my doorsteps. I want to escape, but I do not know how. Now, all I can do is wait. However, until when? Would I still be able to see the sun shine and experience my life again?”

The moment we let darkness seep in, we tend to lose our way back, and more often than not, stay in our sanctuary for a long period of time. We keep everything to ourselves, thus enable stagnation to build up and burden the subconscious with the negativity that takes over our rationality. 

We become rationally irrational, thus make our selves prone to delusional thoughts. Being destructive and at the same time disruptive to our selves and to others as well, it is best to learn how to rediscover the beauty of the sun and let it shine back into our lives. In other words, we must examine the need to be back on track and live the life we have always wanted.

The best method to achieve such is with the help of Neuro Linguistic Programming or NLP for brevity. It basically deals with the formation of behavior that has been patterned from someone else or developed by the innate self. Whichever way might be chosen, NLP is one powerful tool to help us be regain our spot in the limelight and let go of burdensome emotions, feelings, or experiences that hold us back.

Neuro Linguistic Programming is not just a tool, but also it is a method that directly affects and seeks to maintain a striking balance between our cognitive reasoning and linguistic skills. Furthermore, it aims to help us understand our innate selves in relation with the external world, others, and that of our selves as well. In other words, it targets to bring out the best in us without having to totally disrupt the way we currently live our lives.

Of the many advantages and life-changing effects of Neuro Linguistic Programming, it could be said that it would surely help us get back on the right track. Being slumped in the darkness could mean that the way we live our lives is not at par with what is expected of us. More so, allowing our lives to stagnate simply means that we are wasting and throwing away our lives. 

     What NLP seeks for is a well-nourished and developed life. Through such, our lives would be worthy of living 
           and could not be destroyed by whatever encumbrances we may come across along the way. 

Have you ever felt disgusted after uttering a statement? Have you ever regretted as soon as you finished your sentence and knew that you could never take it back? If yes, then you need to consider reading this.

A Freudian slip is a slip-up that results from the operation of unconscious wishes or conflicts in the self.  More often than not, this is committed when you are in a chaotic state that impairs your ability to process sensory data from the outside world.

However, a Freudian slip should not be considered as an excuse. This is because the moment you utter something that belongs in your subconscious, you speak in a language that allows you, to say the least, to be true—innately true. Not to connote a certain degree of negativity, but it is the truth. You say things you would normally avoid if circumstances would be different. You would keep mum and silent rather than speak your mind. 

To be numb and dumb at the same time warrants a state of the mind that impairs your rational and logical capacity to think. As a thinking being, you are capable of comprehending the world through your senses. More so, you can be attuned with the world through your emotional capability to feel, sense, and reciprocate emotions.

Neuro Linguistic Programming, NLP for brevity, is a powerful tool that enables the empowering of the innate self in relevance to living the life you have always wanted. It basically deals with your cognitive and communicative skills that, as they say, define you. Though it may be true, it should not be the case.

What Neuro Linguistic Programming aims for is to help you create perfect moments in your imperfect life. A method that permits you to be innately empowered in relation with how you would deal with others and establish rapport, NLP can help you achieve satisfaction from within, thus enable you to develop and nourish your self with ease.

Rather than feel uncharted and uncertain of how others would feel, be liberated and express what you want without holding anything back. Through this, you will be able to sustain your nourishment, thus permit you to communicate well with others, and avoid the pitfalls of arguments.

            Do not hold back on your subconscious; instead, release the burden in you and feel a lot better than before. 
Not to insinuate unfettered nonchalant thoughts, but rather, to encourage your self to speak up and avoid the build-up of stress.           
                                      Do what you must and exercise your right to an imperfectly perfect life. 

Have you ever felt alone? Like the whole world is against you and you do not have any idea why? You constantly ask yourself for the reason behind such but never derive the right answer. Well, maybe not the right one but an answer that would allow you to understand your life now. 

Is it because of my presumptions or assumptions? The former being reflective of a discourtesy that invokes a form of an act of presuming while the latter appertains to a statement or statements that is primarily assumed to be true and from which a conclusion is drawn. From whatever perspective we might see it, it speaks highly of responses that may warrant an argument more than an agreement from others.

Sparking up an intellectually stimulating conversation with others could verily warrant an exchange of thoughts and ideas that could result to a debate. Not to put a pun on it but most often than not, this happens. In addition, mostly, it ends up in a very unlikely way.

Is it because of my perceptions? Perceptions here imply predisposed notions of the world that emanates from processing raw sensory data from the world, transmitted to the brain and conceived by our senses. Through such notions, we are able to interact with others and comprehend the world we are in. However, it is but inevitable that we can learn how to lessen such.

Taking the first step is but the hardest but we can learn to adapt to new ways to polish our outlook in life. The moment we let it in and embrace it in our lives, we become receptive to the world in a more socially enhanced manner that encourages us to establish rapport with others.

Is it because of me? Is it my own fault? To think logically and practically, I am able to understand the world. However, understanding the world is not the be all and end all of my existence. I need to innately nourish myself in order for me to impart part of myself to others.

Imparting the self warrants an explicit understanding of the self. It paves the way for an individual to adapt to change and embrace it within. The innate self must be nourished to encourage growth that is expected of us. The more nourished it is, the more the self becomes adeptly responsive to the world.

With the abovementioned scenario, it appertains to the fact that there is indeed a need to flourish the innate self in relation to achieving the life we want. Neuro Linguistic Programming or NLP deals with understanding the neurological and linguistic processing of the self in relevance to behavior or the way an individual reacts and interacts with others. Programs and the likes are specifically designed to help an individual cleanse his psyche, rationalize his intellect, control his emotions and polish his linguistic skills.

                               Therefore, do not put the blame all on yourself. Loosen up and lean towards excellence.
                                                                  Learn NLP and love life all the more.

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is more than a tool; it is a powerful method of extracting raw sensory data that which are cognitively processed by the brain and emotionally interpreted by the senses. Indeed, it is our senses that interpret the bulk of data that are fed to our systems from the external world. More so, through such, perceptions and predisposed notions of things are derived and verily applied to our life in general. 

What we have processed forms part of our way of living. The way we act and react are all reflective of our capacity to comprehend. Furthermore, it paves the way for us to enable our interactive and social skills in establishing rapport with others.

To be linguistically adept permits the forming of bond and relationships with the self, others and to the world in general; thus enabling growth and development. Interacting with the innate self and psyche is important to the well-being of the individual. Through such, one becomes nourished from within that stimulates his drive and passion to be the best that he can be. More so, it serves as a venue for improving and developing the self towards the path that he has always wanted.

On the other hand, a relationship with others is but one inevitable requirement needed to satisfy the search for a worthy life ahead. To say such warrants the understanding of the innate self and of the individual characteristics of another. To be able to do so appertains to the sharing that would eventually take place between and amongst individuals.  Imparting part of the self and taking something from another permit the exchange of development that is primarily needed in enabling the self to attain success and satisfaction. Simply put, the relationships established are a way of inculcating the self than before. An exchange of uniqueness is what it is all about.

Lastly, an everlasting relationship with the world connotes a broader perspective of what the world is and what it could offer. The moment we open and let the world in, we develop a cognitive knack for further improving our life with the help of the world. Indeed, it is one inevitable fact that what we knew, know and would know are all from the external world, thus,  the world that we are in helps nourish our well-being.

                       With the help of Neuro Linguistic Programming, a better than before self is highly probable. 
                                        Acting as a guide, it aims to help one have a life worthy of living.  

Indeed, the best dreams happen when you are awake. You are able to go beyond visualization and directly live the dream. More so, it does not remain to be a dream; it becomes a reality that is happening right here and right now. 

Magical moments may be used to mean an exemplary experience in life but it is the realization of the dream and making it ‘work’ for you that is considered magical. No magic wands or pixie dusts needed, you only need to realize your capacity and exhaust your strengths to the fullest.

Yes, life is a big wonderland that could never be fathomed solely by anyone. Geniuses have proven that the mind is not capable of understanding the totality of life, psychologist believed that it could be pursued but only to a certain extent and magicians have accepted the fact that life is not a simple bunny in a hat trick that could be done and redone.

Life is life. It is, on its own, a definition unworthy of definition but worthy of comprehension. It is an unbearable likeness of a being that destroys the definition even before it is actualized. In other words, it does not want to be defined as life is, instead, life is period.

The way our mind works builds up on the notion that everything could be understood. Raw sensory data could be translated and given meaning. Yes, this is true. However, it should also be understood that our humanity posts as our greatest limitation. We are limited. We can never go beyond our comfort zones even if we want to.

However, although worthy of cognition, the abovementioned scenario should not always be the case. Life should always be challenged thus challenging the self. It should always be on alert mode to enable the solicitation of positivity in the self. Perceptions and predisposed notions could be converted to something that is duly accepted by the general populace.

Not to emphasize on the need to belong or be like the rest, but life is built upon the notion of camaraderie and belonging. It seeks to impart upon us the need to create and establish a bond to realize our greatness.

Although true, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) would like to core upon the idea that feeling aligned with others is the end all and be all of life. NLP seeks to inform the self of the need to be innately enriched and nourished to be able to live the life he or she has always wanted.

                                             To develop the self means to disallow the buildup of negativity. 
                             Simply put, it is constructing a self worthy of cognition—by the self and of others as well. 

It is not what you have done; it is about what you are doing basically speaks of how we should look at life. 

Life is full of mysteries coupled with regrets but life should not be about them. There should be a striking balance between the negative and the positive. There should be unity in the innate self that would help us cope up with the many phases of life. Simply put, life is a big pool of opportunities that elicits a positive response from each of us. 

Life is a matter of choices. Either we take the plunge and face life with our head held up high or let it slip away. No matter what we choose, we must live the life that we have and not just throw it away without a fight.

A constant battlefield of intellectual and emotional rationality is what life really is. Never has been there a time wherein the mind and the emotions agree in an instant. There is always a constant debate in the self whether to follow the mind or the emotions. It exists even before we know of its presence. It takes us aback and appears without us knowing. In other words, we are constantly ambushed.

To gain control over the self is possible. Yes, it is. Methods, processes and programs have been designed to cater to our need to strike a balance between the two (2). It is primarily something that we need to overcome before we can truly say we know what control is.

With the help of Time Line Therapy®, techniques have been discovered to cater to the growing need to gain control over life per se. Though it primarily deals with gaining emotional control, it could be understood to mean life in general. Self-control warrants discipline and respect and that is what Time Line Therapy® is all about.

From the above stated quote, Time Line Therapy® aims to help man realize and actualize his self towards his fullest potential. Letting go of the past is the first step. Learn to unload the self of emotional baggage’s and unwanted past circumstances in order to live the life you have always wanted. In other words, what Time Line Therapy® wants is for one to dedicate his life to further improving and nourishing it the way he has envisioned it to be.

Do not be too caught up with your past as it may hinder your growth. Your present and future is equally important as your past thus it is best to focus on the now and tomorrow. Though the past would also be haunting us, it could be rendered moot and academic the moment we embrace Time Line Therapy® in our lives.

Therefore, liberate yourself and stop stagnating in the past. Live today as if it is your last. Stop living in your ‘what if’ world and start turning your ideas and dreams into a reality. More so, be brave enough to accept that what has done cannot be undone unless you want to keep relieving your past and forget about how good it is to be living the present and the future.