They say, life is a big puzzle piece where the pieces are hidden in the depths of the world for one to discover and find. Yes, life is not a picture perfect puzzle but one that is still to be put together.

Patience makes a man and so is his courage, but more so, his ability to control both his innate and external self allows him to be who he wants to be. To say the least, with a sturdy and well rounded life, the individual could warrant the satisfaction of his goals and objectives in life – one step at a time.

Like putting the puzzle pieces together, it takes more than courage and confidence as it too requires patience and control to allow the smooth placing of pieces. In other words, the moment the self begins forth with his journey into the world, he must be all embracing of the possibility of the circumstances to either disrupt or strengthen his individuality. It may be that some pieces are missing while others appear on broad daylight. The mere fact that there is still a need to search for it warrants the assumption of a life that is worthy of recognition.

To appreciate and recognize life is what differentiates one individual from another. Like Neuro Linguistic Programming, NLP for brevity, it aspires to put the puzzle pieces together, not in a snap, but with reference to patience as it is being completed. More so, NLP highlights the need of the self to be in control and be in the forefront as he is witnessing the unfolding of his life before him. With every piece comes a box full of possibilities and with NLP, it is assured that he is as ready to overcome each one-step at a time – like that of connecting the dots to unveil the whole picture.

Take note of the gradual achievement of goals and objectives as opposed to an abrupt fulfillment that other methods of self-improvement are assuring. Life is not a fast lane nor does it have a fast forward button. Life is but a process of continuous transition that enables the unfolding of its end all and be all before it is too late. Although it is but unpredictable, take into consideration that it is best to be equipped and prepared than be ambushed with the certainty of the uncertain.

With the help of NLP, one could be as prepared as he could ever imagine himself to be thus enabling him to live the life that he has always wanted.

You, are you prepared to put all your pieces together?

Dependency is but one of the most common problems in the development of the self. It is through such act that the self disables its ability to stand on his own and rely on others to do the thinking for them. In short, he loses his sense of individuality and settles to be less than what he could be.

Looking for a ‘shoulder to cry on’ enables the self to let go of his ability to cognitively process and linguistically assess the world and the situation that he is in. Although he is well endowed of acting according to his thoughts and ideals, he settles to let others do it for him and in the process, act like them. Allowing others to control your being is like being a selfless self that is not worthy of being an individual to begin with – much like letting the self be robbed off of your sanity.

Neuro Linguistic Programming, hereinafter referred to as NLP, seeks to create a wide range of opportunity in the self in relation to its development and nourishment per se. In other words, NLP, a method of self-improvement, seeks to strengthen the ability of the self to let go of perceptions, predisposed notions and opinions that disables the self of its ability to neurologically, linguistically and behaviorally adapt to the presence of change in the self – block the stagnation of personal development at that.

To say stop procrastination is a step closer to achieving the life that you have always wanted but to actually stop it is posts as another thing. Acting on it paves the way for the self to realize his innate ability to externally allow himself of the growth and development that he so warrants. Eliminating the buildup of negativity ensures of a self that is able to withstand the possibility of dependency and ponder upon the establishment of independence.

With the help of NLP, the self is able to see beyond the perception and perceive on his own. Through such, he is able to understand the data absorbed by his senses thus enabling him to further his development.

To be able to grow and learn at the same time equips and assures the self of a life worthy of living – both internally and externally.

Although it is not bad to be dependent once in a while, still we need to understand the intensity of the need to be independent of the world and grope on our individuality to have the life that we have always wanted.

Thus, be not afraid to break free and let loose as it is but normal to be but remember, always keep a positive outlook in life in order to satisfy your goals and objectives in life.

Are you one to keep a bucket list? For one, I am fond of keeping a list of the things I would like to do before my time is up but I am not one to stick to it for a long time. I mean, like everybody else, I have my new year’s resolution but as far as it goes and by the time it hits quarter of the year, I am lost with my list—things remain undone; the opposite of how I intended them to be.

I have attempted to keep abreast with my list but for as long as I know it exists, the more I depend on it. Depend here connotes an act of stagnating on one end and deliberately thinking that things would fall into place because of the list. In short, it speaks of my laziness coupled with dependency that, even without lifting a finger, I would be able to fulfill my list. Well, in my dreams maybe but in real life, it does not work that way.

Neuro Linguistic Programming or NLP helps in the achievement of the proper movement needed by the self in its aim to develop to its fullest potential. NLP allows the transition of negativity to positivity in enabling the achievement of his goals and objectives in life.

Although NLP does not guarantee a life of pure bliss, NLP in return, enables the self to stand on its own and accept the presence of change in his life. The adaptation of change permits the self to be available to the many encumbrances and circumstances it might encounter. Thus, NLP readies the self of the impending distraction or destruction it might cause to himself.

To begin with, life is about working hard towards your goal. It speaks of your attempt to try to make use of your abilities to come up with ways to fulfill your goals and objectives in life. More so, life connotes movement; transition even in allowing the self to move forward and be not stuck in the past.

 To say movement implies a motion in your timeline – from the past to the present and eventually to the future. Bear in mind of the need to make the most out of our time – as regret has never been a welcomed guest in our empire.

To have a bucket list or a list of things that you wish to accomplish signifies your acceptance of the presence of change. It is like challenging change. However, to accept of its presence is entirely different from that of facing change and allowing it to make a difference in yourself – and that is where NLP comes in.


   I used to write letters. Well, I still do. I love the idea of pouring out your emotions and including your personality with every letter sealed. Be it formal or just a note, the time and effort exerted renders the act alone significant.

Writing has been my therapy. I am able to express my thoughts and ideas through writing. Despite my bearable spelling and sentence construction, I feel at ease whenever I am writing. More often than not, they are personal – experiences, lessons and aches that I have been through, people that made an impact in my life and even the places that I have been to are turned into my limited and once in a lifetime masterpiece. To begin with, the intention is not to have others read it but if it escaped my grasp, then so be it.

For me, writing is a way of cleansing my mind, thymus and my psyche. I am able to let go of emotions that are causing me pain, events that are hindering my development and experiences that are limiting my ability to grow. Although I often sulk on negativity with my writings, it is my way of eradicating what is holding me back and at the same time, imbibe the positivity from those experiences. Indeed, writing is my self-imposed therapy.

Aside from writing, I seek the help of Neuro Linguistic Programming, hereinafter referred to as NLP, in helping me create my perfectly imperfect world. With NLP, I am able to learn the need to empower both my innate and external self in relation to the satisfaction of my goals and objectives in life. I have to thank NLP for allowing to imbibe positivity in my own self and more so, transform and convert my negative experiences into positive that could help me live the life that I have always wanted. Indeed, NLP works in mysterious ways. We may not be aware of its contribution to our lives but as we write letter after another and forming a thought, NLP is there to guide us every step of the way.

The moment I gave NLP a chance was life changing for me. Like others, I was adamant, as I was not sure of how it works and how it might affect me. However, as I gave it a try, I came to a conclusion that NLP is not hard to understand thus it was an easy acquisition of knowledge that, at the same time, could be utilized with ease.

Now, as I write, I am guided by NLP and my life experiences. I let NLP take me by the hand and pour my experiences out in a manner that is beneficial to myself and to the one who might take an interest in it.

Don’t you get irritated every time you are asked about what life is? I mean, do not get me wrong, I love an intellectual discourse and the conversation that follows it but having to answer the same question again and again is more than enough.

Whatever manner or angle we might define what life is would still redound to the fact that it is indefinable. It is not tangible nor is it definite. It is lived but not lived to be defined. In other words, life is better left un-defined.

NLP Hypnosis, hypnosis for brevity, enables the self to be cleansed in lieu of its goal to live the life that he has always wanted. It seeks to help the self be at its best and topmost form despite of the encumbrances he is to encounter. More so, hypnosis enables the self to see beyond the horizon as it allows the self to embrace the change that comes with living.

Living the life that you have always wanted is how you are able to give due credit to what life is. You give meaning to life. Your life is the very definition of what life is. In short, life could only be defined subjectively and not objectively.

Although great thinkers had attempted to do such, it was rendered futile as the meaning of life died along with them. It changed as much as the era ended. To begin with, it was not certain. The definitions were just reflections of how they are living their life and not applicable in general. If there is one particular thought about what life that I am personally grateful for, it would be Socrates’ “An unworthy life is not worth living” as it speaks of the need to live the life that we have always wanted in order to give justice to life per se.

In addition, hypnosis cleanses the self through the elimination of past experiences that hinder his development. To be limited is one but to be hindered is one thing that must be disregarded and avoided at the same time. Hindrance leads to stagnation – something that we are all avoiding to be able to have a life that is worthy of cognition and living at the same time.

Although life is one intellectual topic that gets the most out of me, I still believe that its definition is still dependent on our ability to live it. It is not for others to give a precise definition of it but rather only by the self that is useful to the improvement and development of the self.

To be limited by the definition about life is like being a prisoner in your own dreamland. Learn to define life on your own and live it accordingly. Be not satisfied with what they have said and instead, define it according to how you want it to be. Besides, our lives are but our own responsibility—so, whatever it is that you do about it is your responsibility and not of them.

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They say life is a book; full of chapters and pages. However, the difference lies on the fact that life, like books, have beginnings but life does not have a predictable ending. Well, you can say death is but a predictable ending to a happy life but of its certainty and exactness, that is unknown.

Neuro Linguistic Programming, hereinafter coined as NLP, is one method that could verily help in the administration of the growth and development of the self. Serving as a bridge between change and the self, NLP speaks of enabling the self to be ready of the possible consequences of change that could help in the nourishment of the whole self. In other words, it aims to positively charge the individual into writing his life pages despite the negativity that surrounds him.

Although we know that, anytime soon, we would be subjected to the darkness and that would be the cork on our wines, but for as long as we are still enjoying the party, be happy. Enjoy life and not mind the end for it would certainly ruin your parade. Complement life and death in a way that would warrant positivity amidst the impending darkness. See beyond the clouds and anticipate the rainbow and maybe a pot of gold at the end. What I mean is, be not hindered by our ‘end’ and instead make the most out of it.

Indeed, circumstances in life contribute to the outlook of one regarding his life now and in the future. Although done, the past still plays an important role in the development of the self. It is through the past that the self is able to learn and understand the intensity of life in general. It is through the past that the pages are filled and chapters are born. However, the past is not the end all and be all of life as there is still the present and the future.

NLP allows the self to connect with all of his timeline in relation to his goals and objectives. NLP wants the self to learn from his mistakes (past), apply the lessons (present) and eventually live the life that he has always wanted (future). That is how NLP works. It seeks to empower both the innate and external self in lieu of the possible subchapters of the book. With NLP, you learn to live your own life and write your book at the same time. It serves as the platform to allow everything about your life to prosper – good or bad, does not matter – as long as it is for your development, then NLP is there to help you.

Indeed, my life is a book and I am the main character. Be it a musical, historical, theatrical or romantic comedy depends on me. The setting might be unknown but one thing is for sure, I will be having a happily ever after ending – and no one can stop me.  

I always ask myself why I dwell on learning the definitions and meanings of things. Am I setting my own limitation by doing so or am I just craving for knowledge? What is it that makes me yearn for words and their meanings?

I do not know how it began but I always am armed with a dictionary. Whether I am reading a book, watching a movie or in plain conversation with friends, I would list down the new words I would hear and look it up even in the middle of anything. Amidst the sentences and the groping in the dark for its contextual meaning, I still want the feel of a dictionary and enrich myself with every page turned. Is it just me or am I such a bookie that I want everything in paper trail?

I know, we are in the era of technological advancement and that smartphones, tablets and androids functions like the air we breathe, but I still want the distinct antique smell of the book and the tedious task of looking for the world itself. Do not get me wrong, I am fully equipped with technologies and my phone is something that I would not dispose of anytime soon but I still am fascinated with books.  Despite the many reading materials in the World Wide Web, I still want to feel the book under my touch.

Anyway, I believe in empowering my intellect thus I yearn for definitions. It is not something that I do to limit my own being but I believe otherwise. I say that the reason why I want to learn is that I want to imbibe the knowledge that I am supposed to acquire and I am not allowing myself to dull in time. In other words, I do not believe in letting the opportunity to learn go away and not do something about it. Grab it while it’s there and see yourself transform. To transform here connotes an empowerment of the innate and external self in relevance to the need to live the life that you have always wanted. To be able to see it transform in front of you is but one of the greatest miracles of life.

To allow the self to transform exemplifies the yearning of the self to be in perfect unison with the neurological, linguistic and behavior aspects of life. To be able to tap each one and work together means you are not repelling the presence of change and are actually imbibing it to help you achieve your goals and objectives in life. In short, you are working your way towards the satisfaction of your whole self and thus allowing you to be one with it.

The abovementioned scenario speaks of Neuro Linguistic Programming, hereinafter referred to as NLP. It seeks to empower both the innate and external self in order to be as productive professionally and personally as possible. In short, it ponders on the establishment of the self amidst the many dictates of the society.

To seek for meaning and definition is but a sign of encouraging the self to act in accordance to how he wants his life to be. More so, it seeks to empower and strengthen the self and not limit it. Thus, it is still okay to yearn for meanings. So, are you like me?                 

Taking things in moderation has been one of history’s greatest lessons. It seeks to enlighten the self of the idea behind the word moderation and thus lessening the presence of mistakes along the way. In other words, it aims to teach the self of seizing the day and at the same time, stepping on the brakes as much as possible.

NLP Hypnosis, hereinafter referred to as Hypnosis, allows the self to realize the need to subject the external self to the innate self in relevance to the fulfillment of one’s goals and objectives in life. With hypnosis, the conscious transcends towards the path of the subconscious in order to understand and comprehend the reason behind it all. Broad as it may appear but in essence, Hypnosis aims to help the self be aware of the reason behind his behaviors, way of thinking and even of expressing. It seeks to help the self realize on the gravity of his thoughts, beliefs and actions thus enabling the self to be in trance and deduce on the need to understand the reason behind it all. To do so warrants the cleansing of the self thus allowing it to dispose and eliminate certain memories that hinder his growth and stagnates him instead.

Humans as we are, we have the tendency to overdo things thus overstep on the gas. We take on the speed despite the tickets thus we end up frustrated of having plenty of stopovers. We think we can sail through life with ease but never has it occurred to us that we need to experience as many turbulence before we reach our goal. In other words, life is not all paved road and escalators, there are rough roads and bumps that we need to pass and even up to the point of stumbling so to understand what life wants us to learn.

We need to be in constant motion and never are we supposed to be stagnated. We must not let our limitations or mostly our past to hinder us towards achieving our goals and objectives in life instead we must use it all to our advantage. To say the least, the self must be exude a positive attitude despite the negativity thus enabling it to eliminate the buildup of negativity in the self. In short, the self need hypnosis so as to aid it to eradicate the negativity and transform it to something positive that would help him accept and realize his very being.

The beauty of subjecting the self to NLP Hypnosis is highlighted by the need to take things in moderation. It seeks to guide the self in seizing the day, empowering the self and being in tune with the present. It teaches the self to detach from the past and not dwell on the possibility of a future – instead, make amend with the present in order to live the life that he has always wanted.

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Making my way downtown is how I have always imagined my life would be; being able to withstand certain demands from the outside world and at the same time enslaving thy self towards the perfection that I have always aimed for. However, as I age and mature, I realize that I am already perfect and complete. Yes, I have to believe such in order to be who I want to be. In other words, boosting the self in ways that would help me achieve my goals and objectives in life and be satisfied at the same time is my main priority.

Neuro Linguistic Programming, hereinafter referred to as NLP, serves as the building blocks in enabling the self towards the satisfaction that it years for. Yes, year as it has been one of life’s many impending and continuous goals that each aims to accomplish. More so, to be satisfied both innately and externally allows the self to learn how to expect the unexpected and appreciate even the minutest detail in life.

I have to learn how to be genuine and true. I need to discover my strengths and weaknesses in relation to my aim to be satisfied. I have to act in accordance to how I want my life to be and  thus learn to grope on my abilities and exhaust them to their fullest potentials. Through such, I would be able to live the life that I have always craved for and more so, be who I aim to be.

My goals and objectives in life are my light at the end of the tunnel. They pull me towards them and thus I have to make sure that I do – whatever the cost may be. I have to understand the intensity of my being and allow it to flourish alongside my own development. In other words, I must have a mutual appreciation and relationship with my whole self to be able to do what I must before all is taken away from me.

The way I see it, I have to take one-step at a time and learn to be in control. I must carry out a tune and belt when needed and refrain from overusing my vocal chords. Just like in life, be persuasive to an extent and know your limits but do not be defined by them. Instead, use your being limited to your advantage and see how you are able to transform yourself in being the ideal you –this time, your real life ideal you.

NLP seeks to empower the self. NLP wants the self to actualize its potentials and utilize them to his advantage. It wants to have a self that is pleasingly empowered from the inside and externally prepared to withstand whatever life has to offer. In short, to be ready of the many trials and challenges that one is to face in his lifetime.

Being your true you is not difficult, despite what others might say, it is actually easy and could be achieved by all. We make life difficult and nothings else. Think about it.

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Awareness begets acceptance and vice versa. Although coupled with a number of questions, still, at the end of the day, one accepts. Indeed, a tedious cycle to begin with but such implies how the human being is able to think and live accordingly. To connote accordingly here implies a subjective one that deals with how an individual sees to it that he is able to satisfy his goals and objectives in life.

I know I am not perfect nor is my life complete but the mere fact that I am aware of my limitations, I am able to accept such fact with all that there is. I may be full of questions and blinded conclusions but still I am able to accept who I really am. I admit, everybody wants to be perfect but has it ever occurred to you that your imperfection is what makes you perfect? That your incompleteness is what makes you complete? Thus, your limitation is what makes you whole.

 Although we purposely intend to be a somebody amidst the many nobodies out there, we forget that, since the beginning, we are already a somebody. We may not be as famous as those publicly owned celebrities or politicians who makes headlines but in our own right, we are a somebody. Well, to begin with, we are as complete as they are. The only difference is that we keep our greatness to a minimum and from the prying eyes of the public. As much as we are public individuals, we too are private as far as living the life that we have always wanted is concerned.

It is of no contest that part of us aims to be like them, living a luxurious life like royalties do. Admittedly, we become jealous of their status and hope that it was us on their positions. We become fanatically caught up with them that we tend to mold our lives according to how they are living theirs. More so, we want to be as lucky as they are that we do everything, in our powers, to be like them. However, we would never be like them or anybody else. We have our own identity and individuality that is primarily unique and distinct from everybody else. Our goals and objectives differentiate us from that of the rest. That we have different needs and wants that separates us from them.

Indeed, it is easier to be caught up in our own utopia where everything is perfect but it is best to be living the life that we have and put our perfection into good use. We just need to learn to use them and make use of them. That is where Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Time Line Therapy® (TLT) and NLP Hypnosis (Hypnosis) comes is. Such aim for the betterment of the whole self thus it seeks to empower the innate self in lieu of the external self. In short, NLP, TLT and Hypnosis seeks to help the development of the holistic self to be aware and accepting of his own perfection.